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10 ways to know you are dating a Consultant

By Kim Tran May 20, 2014Management Consulting 1013 Comments

You will know that you are dating a consultant if he:

  1. Considers dating different girls as “mystery shopping”
  2. Asks about lifestyle and hour preference during your first date
  3. Asks for the receipt at the end of a romantic dinner! (guess why?)
  4. Orders appetizer and dessert while eating street food
  5. Writes a text with bullet points
  6. Wonders if he should write a summary email of the first week dating to the “leadership” (the girl’s parents)
  7. Draws a decision tree of different options when answering the question “what are we now?”
  8. Complains that girls always speak without being fact based
  9. Refers to a conversation to resolve a fight as a problem solver
  10. Considers a kiss on first date as a “quick win”


  1. Shredded all evidence and consistently denies to the public that ur dating the girl even though everyone knows anyway
  2. She: Do you remember our first kiss? He: Yes, of course, I remember, 20110801 First Kiss 1.0
  • David

    10 ways to know if you date a consultant GUY 😛

  • Joyce S.

    I find number 8 so true haha

  • Lynn Phan

    wonder how would it be for guys to date a consultant girl 🙂