Management Consulting Resume BCG Resume Automatically FAILED - 13 Reasons Why

You spent to write a BCG resume.

But it only takes to get discarded

If you have one of the following

These samples also apply to

1. No contact information

If they can’t call you, you are out … before they even try to see if they want to call you or not.

This is easy to fix. Before you forget, go check your resume right now … and have a peace of mind that you got it!

Tip: Then take it one step further, make sure you use smart spacing to make your contact info really easy to read.

For example, don’t write 0172572951. Make it: 0172.572.951


2. Religious/ Political viewpoint

These are sensitive subjects and the resume is absolutely not the place to express your viewpoints. It’s a professional document after all! You are expected to stay neutral. If you have previous working experiences at NGO/ NPO in this field, use professional terminologies to describe them!


3. Photo - Gender - Race

At least in the United States, making hiring decisions based on Gender or Race is strictly prohibited. So if there is any trace of gender and race in your resume, the screener would not risk it. They would just stay away from your resume right away. Not good!


4. Two pages

2-pages resumes are nightmares to handle in the screening room. We don’t care about your long history and impressive experience. If it’s 2-page long, 99% of the time we discard it right away or at best, just judge the first page. And it’s hard to get hired in those situations.

So try hard to make the best use of the space. Write clean and concise bullets. No history too long to fit into 1 page.


5. Creative template

I personally love creative resume templates. But if I am to hire a trusted pilot that I bet my life with, for sure I would pick one with a good old professional template. Consulting people, for the same reason, would stay away from creative and colorful resumes. To be safe, just use the official template accepted at BCG (and McKinsey, Bain).

6. Spelling/ Grammar mistakes

Simple as it may seem, thousands of candidates make this mistake due to carelessness. How can we trust that they won’t make that mistake in future consulting documents? These are absolutely auto-fail mistakes. And I am sure, if you double-check your resume 5 times, you will come out clean! It’s just a matter of commitment and respect for your career.


7. Formatting mistakes

If you cannot format a 1-page resume neatly in low-stress situations, how can you handle a big volume of complicated documents under time pressure? Always put your content with left alignment, delete unnecessary spacing, organize bullets structurally.

Don’t forget to keep various elements’ format consistent throughout.


8. Verbal language

Your resume is a professional document, don’t use any verbal expressions or wordings. Consulting people take this very seriously. Don’t fall for those consulting jargons you find online either. Instead, use consulting content wordings. Find a list of that in the Resume Toolkit program or the link above.

9. Talk behind anyone’s back

You may have quitted your recent job because of complaining customers, an annoying boss, or trouble-making colleagues. However, your resume is definitely NOT the place to mention these things. Screeners don’t give a *** about whether those things actually happen or not. All they know is your negativity. Try to reflect your previous experience in a neutral to positive voice, focusing on your accomplishments!


10. Low GPA

Although there is no “hard” cut-off bar for GPA, it is still the first number screeners would notice. A less-than-3.0 GPA will most likely not advance you to the next rounds. If you have a sub-3.0 GPA, boy you have to make it up with really really great achievements in almost everything else.

11. Word File

Sending a Word file to apply for jobs is always a risky move, as you don’t know how it will turn out on others’ screens and printers. Your beautiful formatting may turn out to look terrible. Plus, screeners normally would just discard a word document anyway. Remember to export your resume to PDF and you know your resume looks exactly how you want it!


12. Bad file name

You may name your resume “Resume.doc” and it seems to work ok within your own computer. But each office receives thousands of resumes, and it is a nightmare for them dealing with thousands “resume.doc”. Before you forget, rename your file as “2020_Your name_Resume.pdf” now to avoid all of these troubles.


13. No email title, no attachment, no body text

They will start to judge you from the moment your email comes to their mailbox. The screener knows whether you are reliable or not by the way you carry yourselves through an email. No professional consultant would send an email without a subject title, a thoughtful email body, or an intended attachment. Triple check your email before sending it!


These mistakes may sound simple, but they are responsible for thousands of rejections every year. Make sure you arm yourselves and don’t fall for these reasons!

Then focus on the actual writing and content of the consulting resume.

Submitting a resume without a good cover letter is also a high-risk move.

Find out how to write a winning consulting Cover-letter here!

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