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By Kim Tran May 23, 2014Management Consulting 1012 Comments

The management consulting recruit process is a long, sophisticated, and painful journey that you don’t want to go through and finally discover that you never want to become a management consultant. The materials under this tab will help you understand the ins and outs of Management Consulting before you make your decision. 

Management Consulting 101 – about the industry

The following are very good articles that will help you get your very first sense about the Management Consulting industry

The Management Consulting Industry

Management Consulting on Wiki

Management Consulting vs Investment Banking

A day in the life of a Management Consultant

Top 10 signs you Work in Management Consulting

Why companies hire McKinsey at unbelievable fee?

Salaries of management consultants

Top Management Consulting Firms

A thing in the life of a McKinsey consultant

McKinsey and management consulting in general have very strong working cultures. It is a major part of the success of firms in the industry. It is essential for you, future consultants, to understand this culture well before joining. The following will be a series of articles we have comprised after years of working, living, eating, and sleeping inside that culture.

(detailed articles for each of the following will be coming)

Own your work – it’s your baby!

At McKinsey, all communication is freaking top-down!

We think, we talk, we write MECE!

Deadline means that you ‘ll be dead if you miss the line!

Client first!

Everything is based on facts!

Internally, contents are superior to formality!

You are a manager from day 1!

80 – 20!

What rounds are expected on the application process?

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