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When it comes to the world of management consulting, there are various concepts one must grasp to be a successful consultant. For newcomers, it can seem extremely daunting: Where should I start? Do I need to learn XYZ? What part of my analysis can I apply this specific concept?

Here at MconsultingPrep, I believe in two qualities: effectiveness & efficiency. That is, together, we will not only learn the what, but also the how. So let's get started!

A quick glance

    1. What is the case interview concept?
    2. Your roadmap to success

1. What are the main concepts?

Mutually Exclusive, Collectively Exhaustive 


  • MECE is a key principle for structuring and breaking down anything from Problems, Ideas, Workstreams, etc.
  • This concept is highly important in the management consulting industry, so much so that the whole industry revolves around it.

In our Mutually Exclusive, Collectively Exhaustive (MECE) article, you will learn:

  • What exactly is MECE? 
  • The main principles of MECE.
  • Applications in real Case Interview.

Case Interview Framework

  • Case Interview Framework is one of the most searched phrases in consulting prep. 
  • In simple language, case interview frameworks are like standard templates, used to structure and break down common business problems. 

In our Framework article, you will learn:

  • What are Frameworks?
  • Breaking the misconception: The more framework I know, the better?
  • Most common types of Framework:
    • Comprehensive: Profit, 3C & P, M&A.
    • Mini: Internal – External, Quantitative – Qualitative. Cost – Benefit, BCG 2×2.
  • Various tips & tricks on using framework.


  • To put simply, a hypothesis is an educated guess of where the bottleneck or the problem might be. 
  • A hypothesis don’t need to be correct but it needs to be based on facts and supports in arriving at the conclusion. 

In our Hypothesis article, you will learn:

  • What is Hypothesis? How is it different from Conclusion?
  • The main principles to follow.
  • Secret tips & tricks to apply in a case interview.

2. Your Roadmap to Success

One of the most important aspects of learning case interview concept is how & when to implement them. Here is a detailed roadmap of how you can apply each concept in your case solving analysis.

The Case Concept Roadmap

Define the Problem

Every case / project starts with a Problem and it must be super well defined.

MECE is the standard of breaking problems down that all consultants try to comply.

Break down the Problem

A good method doesn’t fix the symptom, but rather looks for the Root-cause and solve it. 

No Overlap

No Missing


Creating an Issue Tree

We group possible root-causes into big groups and smaller sub-groups in a MECE fashion.

Frameworks are the standard templates, used to structure and break down common business problems.

Customize Frameworks

To fasten the process, we rely on different types of customizable Building-block and Mini Frameworks.

  • Profitability Model: Profitability Optimization.
  • 3C & P: Pricing Optimization, Industry Landscape & Competitor Dynamics, etc.
  • McKinsey M&A: Merger/Acquisition/Joint Venture.
  • Mini Frameworks: Internal – External, Quantitative – Qualitative, Cost – Benefit.

Hunt down the Answer

The task now is to test each branch to see if Root-cause is indeed in that branch.

Hypothesis helps us make an educated guess on which branch has the highest chance of containing the Root-cause.

Coming to Conclusion

We try to prove or disprove our Hypothesis by collecting Data that are compared with other Benchmarks.

  • If the test says “NO”, eliminate that branch and go to the next one.
  • If the test says “YES”, go deeper into that branch, drill down to the lower levels until we identify all proven root-causes.

That’s everything you need to know to start your journey with us today!

Click on any of the articles below to begin your Case Interview Concept training course.

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