Case Interview Preparation How to prepare for consulting case interview

By completing the Case Interview 101 article and video, I hope you now have a good foundation of what a case interview is and why they need it. But now more importantly, what do you do about it? You must be wondering: What can I do to best prepare myself with Case Interview Preparation? Well, this article – case interview prep is for you!

 A quick glance

  1. Step 1: Get the fundamentals
  2. Step 2: Go through one or few case interview prep examples
  3. Step 3: Give yourself a good sense of business and consulting intuitions
  4. Step 4: Practice Math
  5. Step 5: Learn Tips & Techniques
  6. Step 6: Practice

Step 1: Get the fundamentals

Case interview is somewhat of a science in itself, to be good at it, you need to understand the “science” of it. We developed an amazing playlist on Youtube on various fundamental topics like: Frameworks in Case InterviewHypotheses in Case InterviewMECE, Logic of Problem Solving, etc.

Click on each of those topics or see the whole playlist on our YouTube channel.

Step 2: Go through one or a few case interview prep examples

Having those fundamentals fully covered, you must be really eager to see sample illustrations. So this is a good time to go through one or a few case interview preparation examples.

While doing this, make sure you relate back to the fundamentals you have learned. This allows those concepts to be much more deeply embedded into your mind.

Here are a few good sources for consulting case interview prep examples:

The last link is not really a typical example. It’s much more than that. You will see some case interview examples with various tips & techniques inserted. At this stage, you can skip them, but later on, you will definitely be coming back to take a closer look at those incredible tips and techniques.

Step 3: Give yourself a good sense of business and consulting intuitions

Like I said in the Case Interview 101 video, business intuition is one of, if not the biggest underrated aspect of consulting case interview cases. No matter how good you are with techniques, if you don’t have the business intuition, you can’t do well in cases. You will need to do things no case book and no case coach can teach you, such as: how to draw an appropriate framework, how to know when to switch gears, when to ask what questions, how to think of solutions, etc.

All of those things require a good business intuition. And the only way to gain it is through experience and exposure.

The good thing is that exposure in this fiber-wired world nowadays is not too hard to get. So if I were you, I would dig into these gold mines every day to improve my intuition.

Step 4: Practice MATH

This is not really a “step 4”, it can be done in tandem with Step 3. The story is simple: Better math leads to a better case performance. One third of the case outcome depends on how well you do math. Without a doubt, Case interview Math is very important.

We have a big section on our site dedicated to this. Go there – Case Interview Math

Step 5: Learn Tips & Techniques

Case Interview is not just a game of how smart you are, it’s also a game of how tactical you are. The good news is that while these tips and techniques are relatively easier to gain, they make a great impact. We’ve also made a wonderful Youtube Playlist on this.

Step 6: Practice, Practice, Practice

Phew … finally it’s time for case interview practice! The above skills and knowledge mean nothing unless they become your habits, thinking process, and eventually who you are.

Doing mock case interview is a great way to do that. But please note that I only suggest that you practice once you have done a fair amount of work on the above 5 steps. Practice is good, but it’s most effective and efficient when you know how!

If you can find someone from consulting who’s willing to give you a mock case, that’s great. Otherwise, practicing with peers is a decent way too.

In case you would like to see how I help thousands of aspiring consultants throughout the globe on their practice cases alone, you may want to check out the  Case Interview End-to-end Secrets Program for consulting case interview preparation.

Best of luck on your studies and remember that “Everybody can make it into consulting”!

If you’re ready to go deeper, our website has plenty of resources for you to explore, and you can also subscribe to our YouTube channel  or our emailing list!

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