Case Interview - Tips and Technique How To Enhance Your Case Practice Effectiveness?

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Hi Allen,

Thank you for 3 excellent questions. Those are all interesting and deep questions. They show that you have already invested in case practice effectiveness. They all make me think quite a bit to answer. Please see my responses below:


Click to find answers to Question 1 and Question 2

Question 3: May I know from your past practicing or coaching experiences, what key actions you might take when finishing a case practice such as re-think about the framework, feedback noting? (These are what I do now, just want to see if there are any other suggestions to enhance the case practice effectiveness)

Great question. There are more than one ways to be right here; plus, it’s somewhat personal. But here are some of the things that work well for myself that you can use as a reference.

When to review: we should do the reflection right after the case. This is when the case is still fresh in our minds.

What to review?

  1. How did the case flow from the start to the end (especially for candidate-led cases)? This is like a brief playback of the whole movie. This action will greatly assist other following bullets below.
  2. Think about the Intuition/Business Content throughout the case (don’t worry about your performance/Tips & Techniques just yet)
    1. Case Question. What’s the key question? What’s the objective? What should be the right logical flow of it?
    2. On to the logical flow. Review each component of it. For example, if this is I have this problem, help me type of case, then the logical flow of it is: Issue tree (and framework) > Hypothesis > Data (and benchmark) > Root-cause > Solution
    3. Were there any important turn-points or bottleneck of the case? Did you have the intuition to nail that part? If not, why?
  3. Think about your own performance, aka: those Tips and Techniques you used throughout the case. Was there any spot you wish you have done better? Did you struggle at any spot? How would you better handle those? How could you better frame and deliver certain pitch and response? How were your notes organized? Etc.

Tracking your end result:

We all are curious about giving our case performance somewhat a grade. When I was in your shoes I always asked my coach: did I make it if this is a real one?

But now thinking back about this, I think asking that question can hurt the study process. That grade will fluctuate outside of your control, especially when looking at a small sample size (under 20). In the beginning, we should pay attention to the progression, not the end result. How could I have done this case better? Did I fix the issue I myself pointed out from the previous one? What did I learn from this one? All of these are qualitative assessment that can’t be assigned to a simple “number”.

These are questions that give us the motivation to keep studying and to focus on the actual content. Only at the latter and final stage of our study, when we know we are super ready, we should care a little bit more about those “scores”.

* * *

Hope this helps you with Case Practice Effectiveness!

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