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If you’re looking up the word Case Study Interview, then you’re probably either looking for insights about “Case Interview” or you’re trying to find Case Studies for your case interview prep. In this article, we’ll tackle not just one, but both.

1. Case Interview

If you’re just starting out, a really good place to begin is our Case Interview 101 video. You can watch it here or go to the Case Interview Homepage on our website.

If you want to learn even more about this, feel free to check out other informative Youtube videos and articles regarding case interviews on our site.

2. Case Studies as a prep tool

Now assuming you already have a fair understanding of the Case Interview basics, let me introduce to you a really good prep method that not a lot of people aware of: using real case studies.

2.1. History of Case Study

First of all, you should understand the origin of case interviews. In the beginning, decades ago, consulting firms, like many other firms, held “typical” interviews. Soon after, they found that normal interviews weren’t able to assess the applicants’ problem solving skills.

They started to introduce certain aspects of “case study” into the  interview. The more they did this, the easier the evaluation process went. They kept doing this to the point that the case study portion overtook the interview. The whole interview acts as an independent “case study” on its own with well-defined context and key questions.

People call it the “case interview”.


2.2. What can you learn from Case Study

So fundamentally, “case studies” and case interviews are the same or at least, case interviews are derived from “case studies”. The only real difference is simply how the contents interact. While “case studies” serves as an independent and fixed “story” for learning and experience purposes, the case interview is more like the process of creating and telling that story between the candidate and interviewer.

If you have heard about our Case Interview End-to-end Program, you’ll know that we divided the case interview into 3 aspects: math, intuition, and tips & techniques. The second aspect: Business intuition is in fact the most difficult to improve in. The good news is: “Case studies” are a great source to improve it. You’ll find endless valuable insights, general knowledge and inspiration for creativity in case interviews.

2.3. Where I can find those case study interviews?

The best place to look for case study materials is the websites of consulting firms. A good example of what a case study looks like is from McKinsey Website or you can find it in our article about Case Interview examples. Each consulting firm publicizes its case study interview regularly on its website. Just go to their main pages and type “case study” into the search field.

Note: You’ll find these if you google, say … “Bain Case Interview”. The better way is to go into and then search.

Also, if you are in a business major (especially a “strategy” major), your school should have some sort of business case study library. That can be a good source too.

So, that’s it! Case study interviews are a great source to improve your case interview performance. If you’re ready to go deeper, our website has plenty of resources for you to explore, and you can also subscribe to our YouTube channel  or our emailing list!

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