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McKinsey Consulting Fellowship Program

The McKinsey Consulting Fellowship Program (CFP) is a two-day capacity-building workshop/recruitment program targeting local undergraduates/fresh graduates in South East Asia and Sri Lanka. Participants will have an opportunity to understand more about McKinsey and the consultant job; they are also automatically interviewed for the next year’s intake of Consulting Analysts.

PwC Salary (2021)

The compensation package at PwC is diverse across different service lines. In the US, the entry-level salary for main practices is as follows: $80,300 for Associate Consultant, $65,000 for Audit, Tax and Risk Assurance Associate. For the Partner level at PwC, the total annual income can be as high as $797,000. This article will provide a comprehensive look at PwC salaries in different practices, positions, and locations.

KPMG Salary (2021)

Salaries and compensations at KPMG vary by service and practice. Total yearly income for entry-level employment are $63,000 for Audit Associates, $67,000 for Tax Associate, $70,000 for Analyst (the Entry level of Consulting) and $79,000 for Deals Associate.

EY Salary (2021)

EY salary and compensation vary depending on service line and practice. In the US, the annual salaries for entry-level are as follows: $83,000 for Associate Consultant, $66,000 for Audit Staff and Tax Staff, and $80,000 for Advisory Staff. Meanwhile, an EY partner can make a total annual income of $600,000.

Backgrounds for Management Consulting

Management consulting backgrounds are diverse across many industries and majors. This article will answer the most commonly asked questions on actual backgrounds of management consultants and the implications of one’s background on the consultant career path.

Deloitte Salary (2021)

At Deloitte, salaries and compensations vary across services and practices. For the entry-level positions in the US, total annual salaries are as follows: $65,000 for Audit Associates and Tax Associates, $79,000 for Financial Advisors and Risk Advisors, and $84,000 for Analysts in the consulting service.

Top Insurance Consulting Firms (2021)

In this changing time, many insurance companies seek help from professionals to transform themselves to adapt. Insurance consulting is becoming an exciting work opportunity. This article will provide a brief definition of insurance consulting and rankings of the top firms to work for.

Top IT Consulting Firms (2021)

IT consulting is an industry classification with different functions including strategy consulting, architecture consulting and operation consulting, and IT consulting firms can come from various “tiers” (MBB, Big 4, boutique, etc.).