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Top Legal Consulting Firms (2021)

A legal consultant offers legal advice to their clients and ensures that their business and operations are in compliance with the law. In addition to providing legal advice, a legal consultant also helps clients deal with disputes, draft legal documents, etc. Legal consulting itself is an industry classification with multiple functions like taxes, real estate and so on. Legal consulting firms can come from various “tiers” (MBB, Big 4, boutique, etc.).

Top Healthcare Consulting Firms (2021)

Healthcare consulting means solving problems for companies and organizations in the healthcare industry. These problems can come from either the business or the technical (medical) functions. A healthcare consulting firm, itself being an industry classification, may cover multiple functions (strategy, technology, HR, operation, legal and regulatory, marketing), and come from various “tiers” (MBB, Big 4, boutique, etc.).

What is McKinsey BTO?

Nature of Work Generally, it is consulting, but a more tech-related position.  The Business Technology Office (BTO) provides advice and solve business problems for organisations to improve their overall performance in technology, covering strategy, governance, operation, organisation, finance, and marketing. The practice focuses on risk and is future-oriented. For example, a BTO will do such…

Guide to McKinsey Experienced Hiring

1. McKinsey Experienced Hiring Overview What is an experienced hire at McKinsey? At McKinsey, an experienced hire comes with full-time working experience, from a variety of fields such as finance, government, engineering, law, military, medicine, etc. While McKinsey mostly recruits fresh graduates, experienced hires are getting popular over the past 5 years, especially in non-traditional…

Why BCG?

This article summarizes the 5 most common reasons why people choose BCG for their career in consulting, and provides a strategic method to approach the likes of “Why do you want to join us?” interview questions. Enjoy reading!

Why Bain?

8 most common reasons why people choose Bain for their career in consulting, and how to answer the “Why Bain” interview questions.