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KPMG Online Test

To land a job at KPMG, candidates have to successfully pass the KPMG Online Test. The test takes place after the resume screening round, helping KPMG to assess candidates’ cognitive ability and personality fit with the firm.

PwC Online Test

PwC Online Test is the second in PwC recruitment process, taking place after potential candidates successfully pass the resume screening round

How to Ace the McKinsey SHL test?

How does McKinsey use the SHL test? SHL test is computer-based, normally given at proctored sites. However, for logistical reasons, McKinsey does allow candidates to take the test from home as an alternative.  McKinsey uses a slightly customized version of the SHL test as one of the screening tests in its recruitment process, along with…

BCG Pymetrics Test (2021)

The BCG Pymetrics test consists of 12 mini-games, testing the candidate on over 70 social, emotional and cognitive traits, prioritizing the candidates with similar answers/behavior to high-performing BCG consultants.