Case Interview Preparation How long does Consulting Case Interview Prep process take?

Dear Kim

Thank you for developing remarkable consulting case interview prep materials, especially those videos. They are such good sources of motivation. I am a third year student in one of the top universities in India. Is it too late to start my consulting case prep? I know a number of peers and alumni who started their consulting prep even from freshmen or sophomore year. And everybody I talked to said it takes quite a long time preparing for case interviews. This worries me a little bit. Can you provide a view on this?

My Reply

Hi Subh,

Thank you for following our channel. I am glad you found some inspiration from it.

My question-to-answer on queue list gets longer and longer each day but yours really stood out because this is something I have a very strong opinion on. So allow me to make it all clear now.

There are people who start their prep work really early on and it works for them. Most of them have the tendency to generalize that and popularize the idea that case interview prep MUST take a long time.

Yes, when it comes to case interview preparation, the longer the better. Some skills and habits take time to be fully developed…

But… I think people way over-estimate the importance of consulting case interview prep time length. In my own situation, I didn’t know anything (Yes, absolutely nothing) about the case interview 4 months before my actual interview. But I went on to get 4 “strong hire” ratings on my 5 cases and, of course, the job offer from McKinsey. One of my interviewers, who later became my manager on a real project, even told me that he hadn’t seen anyone who did that well on cases before.

And I know many other examples from various colleagues.

I am not here to tell you to procrastinate because a long prep time isn’t necessary. What I am saying is that if you happen to discover your interest in consulting later than others, don’t be overly stressed about it. There are so many things that are much more important than having a long prep period. One of which is the study methodology. With the right study plan, you can overtake/surpass so many candidates out there. Because trust me, most people just don’t study correctly.


When I make videos and various contents for this Management Consulting Prep platform, I see many important topics which always get less views and attention than other popular but less important ones, no matter how hard we try pinpointing, redirecting, and referring people to those important topics. For example, my “Case Interview Logical Foundation” post always gets way less views than the “Case Interview Framework” post. How in the world is the surface more important than the foundation?

So Subh, I hope you get a key take-away out of this article. Just go for it! Ignore those idiots telling you that starting in junior year is too late! I wish you the best of luck on the process and to always study with an amazing flairdesire, and method!

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