Resume Consulting Resume vs CV, when to use which?

In my previous article, I have mentioned about Candidate-led case interview, in which the candidate will guide through the whole case and ask for more information from the interviewee. Today, I will focus specifically on the Interview-led case interview, which illustrates the reserved role of candidate and interviewer. 

  A quick glance

  1. Consulting Resume vs CV
  2. When to use a consulting resume and when to use CV

1. Consulting Resume vs CV

Most people think the two terms are synonyms, but in fact they are not. Here is the difference:

A resume is a one or two page summary of the applicant’s skills, experience, and education. It is often brief, concise, and tailored for each job.

A curriculum vitae is a comprehensive list including your detailed educational and academic backgrounds as well as teaching and research experience, publications, presentations, awards, honors, affiliations and other details.

2. When to use a Consulting Resume vs CV

Two factors may affect the decision.

Field factor: Businesses go for Resumes – Academia go for CVs

Applications for business fields are often reviewed by a standardized process under time constraints. Because of this, brief and concise Resumes are much preferred.

Management consulting firms like McKinsey, Bain, or BCG definitely belong to this group. So according to this factor, resumes are definitely the format you should use.

The people I have seen many times in our Consulting Feedback service are the people coming from academia backgrounds applying to management consulting. These people very often don’t change their mindset and habit throughout the application process and their resumes, or more like CVs, show it.

Location factor: exceptions for Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia

While businesses generally prefer resumes, there are exceptions in various locations. In Europe, the Middle East, Africa, or Asia, business employers are more likely to accept CVs.

So management consulting applicants in these above locations should check with the specific HR recruiters to be 100% certain. But when in doubt, a resume is always preferred!

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Elizabeth Creger

Can you share an example of a consulting resume?

Admin MCP

Hi Elizabeth, to see more of consulting resume, you can check out our article on it here: Cheers!