Financial Aid

Consulting is a big dream of many but we know that preparation process sometimes can be costly to some of us, who may already have difficulties funding their own college education or supporting their families.

With this offer, you can have an up to 50% discount on all products and services at Management Consulting Prep.

How does it work?

Three simple steps:

  1. You submit to us a mini “application” proving your financial difficulty.
  2. We will review your information no more than 48 hours and then offer you with the most appropriate discount code.
  3. Simply apply the code in your check out and enjoy awesome materials.

Factors we consider in your application

Automatic 10% off

To prove it, you may simply send us your school documents such as transcript with dates, college acceptance letter with dates, etc.

Automatic 10% off

“Developing countries” is defined as any country outside of the top 50 GPD per capital list by World Bank. This can be proved by sending us any document with your name and the country name.

Depending on specific case!

Got a specific case that we should know about? Don’t hesitate to state it in the form below!

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