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In my previous article, I have mentioned about Candidate-led case interview, in which the candidate will guide through the whole case and ask for more information from the interviewee. Today, I will focus specifically on the Interviewer-led case interview, which illustrates the reserved role of candidate and interviewer. 

1. What is a interviewer-led case interview?

In this scenario, the interviewer has a set of different questions that want you to address. In other words, they control the process in a significant way. He or she has the candidate work on specific parts of the overall problem and sometimes disregard the natural flow of the case. The game here is not to solve the one big problem, but rather to every question, every pitch, every mini-case perfectly. Because the evaluation is done on question basis, the level of insightfulness (a.k.a: Business Intuition) required is higher.

2. What is the key of Interviewer-led case interview?

In interviewer-led case, the key to success actually lies in you effectively and elegantly nail all single questions the interviewer throws at you. You can treat each question like each mini case on its own. The best study method here is to tackle and study each question type. Click on the specific link below to find out more.

Here is the wonderful list of the most common case interview questions, ranked by popularity.

3. How to successfully pass the Interviewer-led case interview

  • The key lies in the understanding and mastering of all case interview questions. If you are still feeling lost where to begin, you do not need to worry as we have devoted a series of insightful articles for case interview questions for you: 
  • As you are in candidate-led case interview, make sure to be structural and MECE as much as possible. 
  • For case interview, never forget to improve your business intuition in order to be able to pick good frameworks or correctly draw spot-on issue trees. We devoted a whole eBook in our End-to-end program for this.

And that’s everything you need to know to prepare for a successful candidate-led case interview. Continue your practice by checking out the Case Interview Concepts or revise the Case Interview Basics. Additionally, you join the discussion on our forum page or join millions of other bright-minded individual in our E2E Secret Program. I wish you the best of luck on your case prep journey!

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