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The Consulting Resume A-Z article gave you all the basic knowledge needed. But how do all of those insights manifest themselves into an actual resume?

In this article, I will show you a great consulting resume sample that actually went on to the next rounds at all Big3 firms: McKinsey, Bain, and BCG. Then together we will go through this and discuss what makes it so great, from top to bottom.

Let’s get started!

consulting resume sample

While this resume is not 100% similar to the official McKinsey resume template, all the principles were met. It has good spacing throughout. Space distribution is just right. The heading font type is slightly different but it looks nice and professional. Overall, this resume is very pleasant for our eyes to look at.

Skimming quickly through a few bullets, we see sharp, specific, and result-oriented writing. Let’s dive even deeper!

consulting resume examples

Always put the most impressive achievement into the first bullet. We see this candidate places the “800/800 GRE” and the “top 10%” right to the best place for them.



Cover up your average/low GPA with other distractions. 3.68 is not a bad GPA, but it is not great, so adding more information like being on the Dean’s List or 15% of engineering undergraduates is beneficial for this resume.


An ideal bullet length is between 1.5~2 lines. All 3 bullets under “Independent Studies” did just that!


Every inch, every word, every bullet must scream “consulting”. We see here that the candidate being result-oriented even right from the get-go (it’s rare to see full-fledged bullets under “Education”).



Finally, it helps to have an Ivy league brand: “Yale School of Management”



consulting resume examples

Good brand name with relevant experience. Deloitte is a famous company. And to have 5 years working in consulting-related positions there is for sure a plus point. However, please notice that this is by no mean a must to apply to management consulting. You can still pass without that brand name or that consulting experience. Good to have, but not a must!


A balance between qualitative and quantitative. The first bullet of the first job is always important. The candidate perfectly nails it here. Besides the perfect length and result-oriented writing, there is another subtle thing I really like. Notice how the bullet contains both qualitative data (migrate client’s finance operations) and quantitative data (reduce overhead by 20%). Many people just went crazy for numbers but in fact, you can say a lot just by qualitative description!


Action, result, explanation. This is my formula for writing great bullets as talked about in the Resume A-Z article. Here on the second bullet of Senior Consultant: the action is a re-engineered workflow process, while the result is 40% faster financial close process and explanation is by coordinating a team to identify and resolve issues… Again, a little deviation from the exact formula (action, explanation, result); but the spirit is definitely there!


Consistency. There’s no bad bullet in this whole Professional Experience section. Every single bullet is really well crafted: perfect length, perfect rhythm, specific results, sharp writing. No matter where the screener lays his eyes on, for sure he will land on a good one.


consulting resume examples

Take every chance to show your result-oriented nature. Many people overlook this last part of the resume. But this candidate took it very seriously. We can see results even in the last bullet.



Well-rounded consulting skill sets showed. Not only ace each and every bullet, but it’s also important to take a step back and evaluate the resume with a top-down view, based on an evaluation sheet I share in the Resume Toolkit program. Here we see a wide range of consulting traits, from analytical to people aspects.


What is the No.1 reason people failed in Resume?

Will yours pass?


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