Management Consulting Resume McKinsey Consulting Resume Template: Official Version

The easiest way to get your consulting resume eliminated within 10 seconds is by

As a former McKinsey screener, I discarded many “creative” resumes without even reading what was written. So before we do any complicated talking, let’s spend 5 seconds downloading the official “Consulting Resume Template” accepted at McKinsey, Bain, and BCG.



Get your free management consulting resume template here!

In just 5 seconds

Why are McKinsey people so excited about this resume template?

First, it’s space-efficient. You can squeeze in a lot of information there. Every square inch on the page is utilized just right. No wasted open space and no over-busy area.


Second, it’s also easy to read and skim through. Selections of font types and styles seem to make different sections stand out from … each other. If you screen hundreds of resumes in a day, you will appreciate this a lot.


Third, it is also beautiful … in a cold and professional way, exactly how McKinsey wants to come across as. We consultants are business-oriented and straight to the point.


McKinsey Resume Template Tips

This is a plug-and-play template. Just download, input your information, and you are good to go. It is generally easy to use. But to absolutely maximize its potential, be mindful about some following items:


Make sure everything fits roughly into 1 page. We know it’s challenging, but yes, one page only! Don’t go 2 pages or anything like 0.7-page.


Aim for about 600 words (+/- 100) with font size 10. My tip is to just write it without worrying about length first. Then adjust in the end.


Feel free to adjust the page margin. After writing, if you find yourselves with too much or too little words; increase or decrease the page margin a little.



Feel free to adjust font size. Same with the above. But remember +/- 1 around 10 only.


Don’t change the font type though. Size and margin can change but font size must stay the same as defined in the template.



Take 10 feet back, look at your resume again, do you like how it presents itself? Okay, maybe not 10 feet. But you get the point. Take a step back, review your resume from the top view; you will notice any odd elements should there be any.


Best of luck with your resume and have fun using this template. You may also want to see how other people use it and actually pass? Check out our Resume Toolkit program.

Other FAQ

1. Is this really the official version accepted in McKinsey?

Yes! All McKinsey people use it, even after leaving the firm. This is also the format widely accepted at Bain, BCG, and various Investment Banking firms.

2. Who created this?

This template has been shared from one to another for over a decade now. Nobody knows who created it in the first place. But rumors say the Ivy League people were responsible.

3. Did I saw some other variations?

Yes, there are a few variations of it. But very little difference. To be safe, I recommend just using this one.

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