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McKinsey Interview

McKinsey Interview

By Kim Tran May 23, 2014Case InterviewNo Comments

McKinsey Interview

By Kim Tran May 23, 2014Case InterviewNo Comments

A few days ago, a Forbe’s listing showed that McKinsey had been giving most difficult interviews among all companies globally. What makes these McKinsey Interview questions so hard? How can you pride yourselves to be one that ace that famously difficult interview? It’s time for another question type breakdown that this website is very familiar doing.

Most McKinsey interviews are done in the interviewer-led format

Therefore usually the session is consist of relatively independent small questions. This is easy in a sense that you don’t have to take the driver role; rather, you will take the back seat, not worrying about structuring the whole case study. However, this is hard in a sense that you have to take every punch the interviewer gives you.

What are some most popular punches? Let’s find out right now!

Most frequently asked questions

  • Factor question – 50% appearance chance

The client company is current considering XYZ… What are some factors you would consider in order to help answer the client’s key question?

How many basketball jerseys were sold last year in the US?

If you are the customer in this situation, what are some things you would consider in choosing where to buy this product / service from?

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