Case Interview Preparation How to practice case interview…in bed

Dear Kim

I enjoy your newsletter on “Practice Case Interview Questions everywhere” and ever since, I have been getting every bit of practice in every possible situation. Just a fun question, I wonder how to practice case interviews alone, what sort of practice you do to practice Case Interview in bed in bed … about to go to sleep?

My Reply

Hi Martin,

Thank you for your support in following every post and video we make. This is an interesting question and I bet every person has a different style to practice Case Interview in bed, whether or not.

My perspective is that on one hand, we like to get as much practice as possible but on the other hand, we don’t want to disrupt our daily sleep routine either. So I would choose the types of practice that are not only helpful but would also help make me fall asleep.

For me, a heavy strategy, and problem-solving structure don’t do that. I like to practice Case Interview in bed so much that doing it would excite me and keep me awake. I usually practice mental math instead!

I challenge myself by doing random calculations I can think of and work my way to the answer. No need to have a real calculator to check your answers. The sake of trying to do maths mentally helps already.

Well if you have interesting ideas on how to prepare for a case study practice questions, send them all into the “practice case interview questions everywhere” post.

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