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One of the privileges of doing this consulting prep work is the opportunity to interact with a variety of people throughout the globe. Some of them are very proactive, always on the ready to learn, to get better and to move forward. Some others are sort of “wanting to break into consulting” but often making excuses for not putting in the hard work.

… I am in my third year, my school workload is too heavy …

… I am doing 3 part-time jobs to make a living, I can’t find the time …

… or … I am the mother of 3 children, plus I am working …

I am not here to say that these difficulties are trivial. Yes, some people are less lucky than others in having opportunities to prep. But what I am trying to say is this: most of us have not yet utilized every little chance we get for case interview practice. And until we have done that, we shouldn’t be complaining.

The traditional thinking is that learning case interview requires a quiet place and probably some assortment of books and other materials. Practicing case interview questions even requires a good partner by your side all the time.

Well, while those are ideal environments, there are tons of things we can pick up in almost any environment we find ourselves in.

This mindset is not only true for case interview prep but also for any other field. Steve Nash, a 2-time NBA MVP (Most Valuable Player), one of the greatest basketball players of all time is one of the best living examples of what I am saying. While improving basketball skills may require special environments … you need a coach to learn the basics, a team to practice group drills, a basket to practice shooting, etc. Steve creatively took advantage of every other little opportunity he had.

Whenever commuting less than 5kms, he walks and brings a ball to practice dribbling along the way. When he’s on a bus, he closes his eyes and goes over sets of plays by visualizing them in his head. When he’s in  bed at night, he practices shooting the ball straight up to line up the spin. Etc.

We can go on with this list but you probably get the point! There are so many opportunities in our daily lives that we can utilize to get just a little better with case interviews.

I will share mine in a series of following blog posts, but how about you? With this mindset, I would like all of you to comment below on your own techniques on how you practice case interview questions in daily lives. We should have an amazing conversation down there! You in?

* * *

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