1 hour private coaching with consultants

The session simulates a real case interview in McKinsey, BCG, and Bain, including fit questions and case interviews. During the session, the coach directly gives constructive feedback on your performance, from which you’ll learn how to prepare for success in upcoming case interviews.

….with a focus on strengthening your ability to solve every case interview

Our coaches – former McKinsey, BCG, and Bain interviewers have participated in hundreds of real case interviews with candidates. They know how a failed candidate conducted their own case interviews and will help you avoid fatal mistakes. Only real consultants know exactly what a real consultant performs. Also, they’ll help you design personalized plan for your practice journey.

Freely book a coach according to your free time

We collaborate with a large number of coaches, whose availabilities are displayed in the booking system. This allows you to book a private coaching session suiting your time zone and requirements. We are always trying to expand the network over the globe in an effort to offer you the best experience in case coaching. 

Rewatch the session

The session will be recorded with the purpose of sending to you and the coach upon the session. We want to make sure that you won’t miss anything during the session. You can use it as materials for your practice. Note that the video is not allowed to be distributed to other parties without the written permission of the coach and MConsultingPrep. 

Private Case Coaching With The Most Experienced Consultants

What you’ll get:

  • A vast network of coaches from over the world
  • Book the coach whose availabilities fitting into your schedule
  • 1-hour private case coaching
  • Deep-dive into case interviews and fit questions
  • Get access to the record upon the session

Price per session: Varies depending on each coach

case interview shop icon


case interview shop icon

Case Interview End-to-End Secrets Program – $359

10 case interviews, videos, tips and techniques, 60 in-depth business intuition exercises, and 200+ brain teasers


MConsultingPrep’s PSG Simulation – $249

Interactive PSG mock test, resulting in 300% increase in the passing chance. 250+ up-to-date reports


Resume Premium Toolkit – $99

Samples, guides, and templates. 1 review per purchase. 60+ sample resumes in diverse fields and industries


Instructions and Policy

PayPal is the preferred payment method for our customers to send payments online securely using credit cards or bank accounts. If you don’t already have an account, PayPal still assists with easy steps. 

Customers in regions where PayPal does not offer a credit card service, and does not wish to continue with PayPal, please contact us at [email protected] 

Financial aids are not applicable to the Case Coach Service. In case of a failed case interview, we grant candidates a 40% refund on the first session as proof of confidence in the quality of coaching that our coaches provide.

Claims of refund due to disatisfaction of the service is only valid if the reasons are objective and justified, and if claimed within 30 days of the session. If you are not able to provide a specific complaints, we CANNOT proceed with the refund.

To claim a refund, please reach out to us at [email protected] with your specific complaints/reasons for refund, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Once the payment is completed and both parties confirm the session, within 12 hours, a Zoom meeting link will be set up and sent to you and the Coach. The private session will be recorded by MConsultingPrep, and will be accessible to you on demand. If you wish to retrieve this recording, please notify us at [email protected] and we will send you the link to the file.

Please feel free to contact if you need any support. Here are some ways that you can reach out to us:

We will get back to you WITHIN 24 HOURS!