Prospective Candidate Starter Pack
Get your consulting application started with exclusive content designed by MCP for every starter!
Market-Sizing & Guesstimate Questions
Get to solve market-sizing question within 5 seconds with 20+ examples and detailed instruction.
Case Interview End-to-End Secrets Program

Case Interviews - the most comprehensive yet hardest assessment of any consulting recruitment process. Elevate your case interview skills with a well-rounded preparation package.

This package contains:
  • Business Intuition ($ 109)
  • Consulting Math ($ 133)
  • Tips and Techniques ($ 179)
Tips and Techniques
Enhance your skills by watching 10 illustrative case interviews with empirical tips and tricks!
Business Intuition
Improve your business sense and intuition with 6 comprehensive topics on business problems.
McKinsey PST Comprehensive
Nail the PST by learning the secrets behind PST questions by Type and by Case. Perfecting your score with 200+ designated questions in this comprehensive package! This package contains:
  • PST By Question Types ($ 99)
  • PST By Full Cases ($ 180)


PST By Type
Improve your PST accuracy by intensively training on focused and detailed question sets.
PST By Case
Get your PST perfectly done by completing 5 actual tests with detailed explanation.
BCG Potential Test Comprehensive
Get intensive practice on BCG Potential Tests with 5 full-case actual tests on different industry topics.
Comprehensive Math Drills

Master Math questions in your Screening Tests and Case Interviews with a well-rounded training set. Killer tips and tricks are also included!

This package contains:
  • Plain Number Calculation ($ 39)
  • Short-Context Math ($ 39)
  • Long-Context Math ($ 39)
  • Chart Drills ($ 39)
  • Math In Cases ($ 39)
Plain Number Calculations
Get started with consulting math by mastering 1000+ raw number calculations!
Long-Context Math
Combine your reading and math skills to handle the Long-Context Math in Tests!
Short-Context Math
You are able to solve short math questions within 5 seconds with this practice set!
Chart Drills
Get the data insights more efficiently by nailing the charts at once!
Full Case
Get hands-on experience with Consulting Math by applying new knowledge, tips & tricks in 10 Full Case in various industries.
Resume Toolkit
Get the fundamental of crafting a "consulting-like" resume with the most powerful secret toolkit.
McKinsey PST Double Comprehensive (McKinsey PST & Math)

Make the McKinsey PST easier to pass with full-phase preparation - PST by Type and Case & Math in Case

This package contains:
  • McKinsey PST Comprehensive ($ 199)
  • Consulting Math Drills ($ 133)


BCG Potential Test Double Comprehensive (BCG Potential Test & Math)

Get to BCG even faster with comprehensive preparation package - nail the test and the math in case!

This package includes:
  • BCG Potential Test Comprehensive ($ 169)
  • Consulting Math Drills ($ 133)


Ultimate Management Consulting Program
The ultimate package with special offers for all our available products. Make your way to consulting firms even more easier by grasping all these knowledge and practice! This package contains:
  • Case Interview End-to-End Secrets Program ($ 359)
  • McKinsey PST Double Comprehensive ($ 199)
  • BCG Potential Test Comprehensive ($ 169)
  • Comprehensive Math Drills ($ 133)