Case Interview Intuition


Detailed guides, full set of keys & explanations

All in PDF format

30-day money back guarantee

  • 50 cases on 5 Business Intuition topics
  • 200+ Brain Teasers


This practice package has been developed to train candidates in content generation aspect of case interview.

This practice package contains the following:

  • 50 cases on 5 Business Intuition topics
  • 200+ Brain Teasers

The Business Intuition package aim to develop your strategic thinking and to help improve your business sense and intuition. The materials train your ability to catch important pieces of data, to define problems, and to draw creative, practical solutions, etc. The package includes 6 comprehensive eBooks, each of which tackles one unique aspect of case interview (click the link for more details)

For this package, you should go through the eBooks in whichever order you feel is the most natural for you. Do the exercise one by one and try to solve them before looking at the keys.

Even if you are not entirely certain this is what you need for your practice, remember that we offer a money back guarantee within 30 days of purchase. You’ve got nothing to lose, and a whole new world of incredible possibilities to gain.