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How to Use Deductive Reasoning Test Package

The Deductive Reasoning Test Package is the optimal tool to prepare for your Aptitude Test. It consists of two parts:

  1. A study guide (A Companion to the Deductive reasoning test)
  2. Interactive Mock Test with 200+ questions and detailed explanations.

You are recommended to read through the study guide first for a better understanding of different question formats and difficulty levels you will encounter in the actual test, including:

  • Syllogism with Quantifier: You will learn how to visualize common syllogism statements into diagrams through a step-by-step guide, along with some tips to eliminate distracting options and standardized formulas to help you solve syllogism questions more quickly and accurately.
  • Ordering and Arrangement: You will have a detailed guide on various types of Ordering, along with some quick tips to spot the right answer faster.
  • Grouping: You will have the overview knowledge and strategies to interpret the rules and group the subjects to identify the correct answer.

Our interactive mock test is divided into different presets with randomized questions. Practicing with our mock tests will give you a better sense of the actual Deductive Reasoning Test. You are free to select the category depending on your purpose. Each question is accompanied by a detailed explanation and steps to reach the correct answer.

To fully take advantage of the package, we suggest a study flow that would significantly improve your skills for the deductive tests.

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What is the password to the PDF “A Companion to Deductive Reasoning Test”? My account password did not work?

The password is “LandMeAnInterview” (without quotation marks). It is stated above the Access Product button.

2. What are presets?

Each preset is categorized based on question types and topics. You should read the Study guide to know what prioritized presets you should go first.

3. Why doesn’t each question type have many tests?

Our testing system has a random mechanism that automatically generates a random test from our question bank. Therefore, each time you do the test, you will encounter a different set of different questions.

4. If I close the purchased window, can I access it back to get my product?

An instruction email that includes payment details and a link to your ‘My Account’ page. Please click the ‘My Account’ button on the main menu and log in with the account you’ve just created during the check-out process to access your purchase. For Ebooks, please don’t forget the password to open each file. The password list can be found right next to your download links. 


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