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We are looking for product designer

Management Consulting is one of the most prestigious career tracks for business students in term of entry difficulty, learning opportunity, compensation packages, and exit options. Leading Management Consulting firms like McKinsey, BCG, and Bain are usually ranked top in the most-desired-workplace for MBA students across the globe. These “Big 3” firms produce more Fortune-500 CEOs than any 3-firm combination. Being a management consultant (sometimes referred to just as “consultant”), you help solve high-level problems big corporations face, such as: growth strategy, market entry strategy, lean operation implementation, etc.

We are mcp

MCP stands for Management Consulting Prep, a proudly Vietnam-based career-prep platform helping students across the globe study and develop the mindset to get into Management Consulting. Currently, our main office is based in Hanoi.

Over the last 5 years, we have help hundreds of thousands students of various background, many from top schools, namely Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, Yale, LSE, and many more.

Kim Tran

Founder of MConsultingPrep

Welcome the first-of-its-kind HR program, aimed at attracting and developing great talents, potentially pursuit the career in Management Consulting!

How will you make a difference?

Joining MCP, you would work between 2 big functions: Product and Business

You are expected to:

  • Take raw writing from the Content team and turn them into beautiful, easy-to-digest, interesting, and learning-empowering presentations, i.e: Videos, Infographic
  • Work with external IT partners on web development, maintenance and optimization. Ensure everything is up and running in perfect condition
  • Over-see IT tasks: Manage hosting environment including database administration and scaling an application to support load changes; Implementation of security and data protection
  • Develop new landing pages, web features, fix bugs, etc

Why MCP?

We are ambitious

We compete toe-to-toe with other platforms from leading countries: (USA), (USA), (Germany).

In this crow but niche market, we are well regarded as Top 3 overall, No.1 video channel, and No.1 Paper-test sub-segment. We are aspired to strongly grow in the mid-term future, over taking the No.1 position in every category. And to do that, we need this strategic HR program.

We follow best-practices

Any strategically-sound HR program has to have 3 equally important factors:

  • Recruitment of the most-suited talents
  • Training & development platform, allowing talents to be the best they can be, to learn, and to contribute every day
  • A career track (with different emphasis) of various steps and an evaluation processes, allowing talents to grow continuously, to work with appropriate tasks, and to learn with the suitable difficulty

We emphasize talent development

At heart, we are an education platform. We are passionate about not just teaching but more than that. We care about how to develop people on multiple layers, through multiple methods. And, we are quite good at that. We will help you:

  • Master the art of case interview and consulting career prep (paper test, resume, etc.)
  • Install the mindset, habit, and capability of a true management consultant. This will allow you to go far, be successful, and change the way you live your life

We are looking for candidates that

  • Ambitious, smart, humble and honest. Interested in learning through a start-up environment
  • Fluency in English is a must. Business background is a plus but not required
  • Students vs. veterans don’t matter. We value candidates that can learn and adapt fast
  • Willing to commit at least 25 hours of working per week to have this unique experience
  • Able to attend physical office meetings at least three half-day (or one full day & a half) / week at our office in Ecopark. Since our office is far, we will provide support with traveling
  • Technical skills with WordPress, SEO, Prezi, Google Analytics,… is a plus
  • Creative background (designing) is a plus

And in turn, you would receive

  • Formal 1-month training program to get you started
  • Retreat, team building, creative field study
  • Regular training program on weekly basis on more advanced topics
  • 1-on-1 mentorship with formal management consultants
  • Bonuses that scales with your involvement with business project (up to multiple times salary)
  • A massive premium learning tools and materials, to stimulate great self-learning
  • The most effective, efficient, and systematic working environments, allowing you to unconsciously learn and develop amazing habits that get you go far beyond this.

Our mentors lineup

Many other former employees currently working at McKinsey & Company

C-level executive guest speakers at high-profile corporation VinGroup, Lazada, etc.

Why wait, apply now!

Submit online

We only accept CV file less than 2mb & in pdf format.

Submit manually

  • Please submit a CV to [email protected]
  • Email title & filename format: Your_name_MCP_FC_CV
  • Due to the high number of applicants we received, only those who qualified will be sent a notification for the next round