Agrim Gupta
100% personalized coaching | BCG Dubai PL | Real MBB Cases | Case/PEI/Fit/CV.
  • BCG - Project Leader | Dubai | 6.5 years of consulting experience
  • 8 years of coaching experience | 300+ candidates | 90% success rate
  • Location: Dubai - GMT+4
Alexandre Clauzet
My personal goal is to help you succeed and receive the job offer you yearn for. Fully flexible approach: application strategy, CV and cover letter reviews, preparation plan, real MBB cases, fit - with detailed feedback. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach me on the chat.
  • BCG - Consultant | Casablanca and Paris | 2 years of consulting experience
  • 2 years of coaching experience in English and French | 50+ candidates | 90% success rate
  • Location: France - CET
  • Offer case coaching in both English and French
Allen Levovski
Ex-McK experienced hire and EM - I teach you how to think for yourself and I also specialize in helping experienced hires perform.
  • McKinsey - Engagement Manager | Toronto | 6.5 years of consulting experience
  • 7 years of coaching experience | 150 candidates | 75% success rate
  • Location: Toronto - EST
Anrian Tamba
My only mission here is to help you get the MBB offer! If you are looking for a need-based approach using real feedback scenarios.
  • McKinsey - Engagement Manager and Kearney - Senior Manager | Southeast Asia | 5 years of consulting experience
  • 5 years of coaching experience | 200+ candidates | 75% success rate
  • Location: Jakarta, GMT +7
Aws Odish
Currently working as a Senior Consultant at Google. Prior to that, I have worked closely with MBB consultants up to Senior Partner level for 4 years and have built up knowledge from both sides of the industry. Since then, I have mentored 300+ candidates in their route to MBB.
  • Google - Senior Consultant | The Netherlands | 100+ REAL MBB cases
  • 300+ candidates | 78% success rate
  • Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands - CET
Cristian Leata
Nobody is born a consultant. There are skills you must practice and a mindset you must adapt. If we are willing to work hard, it's not a question of whether you'll get in, but when. And I can show you how.
  • McKinsey | Berlin | 4.5 years of consulting experience
  • 5 years of coaching experience | 50+ candidates | 90% success rate
  • Location: Berlin - CET time zone
Doga Demirhan
Coaching service includes an extensive package of multiple cases and fit interview tips based on my BCG project experience and training experience at Kellogg Consulting Club.
  • BCG - Consultant | Milan and Istanbul | 5 years of consulting experience
  • 2 years of coaching experience | 50+ candidates coached | 80% success rate
  • Location: Istanbul - GMT+3
Ian Glennon
Are you looking for both concrete case/interview feedback and a concrete plan for how to reach your goals? Think of me as your interview personal trainer.
  • BCG | New York | 2 years of consulting experience
  • 5 years of coaching experience | 300+ candidates | 100% success rate
  • 20+ hours video content | 4 live recorded workshops | Dozens of articles/readings and homework exercises | Multiple templates + trackers
  • Tech/Digital (Platinion, McK Digital, Monitor Deloitte), Healthcare, and Energy specializations supported
  • Location: New York (EST)
Jean-Baptiste Boucher
Flexible coaching approach. Either we discuss the overall application strategy (including cover letters and the resumé) or we run a mock interview together (fit questions + case discussion). Pass or fail assessment at the end + detailed feedback both on the overall case performance and on the sector/industry specificities of the case.
  • McKinsey - Junior Engagement Manager | Casablanca | 4 years of consulting experience
  • 2 years of coaching experience | 70+ candidates
  • Location: Based in Paris - CEST
Lucie Chmelikova
BCG's Project leader, top trainer, and professional coach with 10+ years of recruiting experience and a 100% customized approach to enable you smoothly sail through the recruiting process.
  • BCG - Project Leader | Milano | 2.5 years of consulting experience
  • 1 year of coaching experience
  • Location: Italy - CET
  • Working and living experience from APAC, Europe, LATAM, and ME
Sara Mari
Do you want to arrive on the interview day having maximum confidence in yourself and your preparation? Would you like to have the feedback and insights of an experienced consultant? Then I´m the trainer and sparring partner you are looking for!
  • McKinsey - Consultant | Italy | 2 years of consulting experience
  • Strategy& - Senior Consultant / Junior Manager | DACH | 3 years of consulting experience
  • 5 years of coaching experience | 40+ candidates | 90% success rate
  • Location: Vienna - CET
  • Offer coaching in English, German, and Italian
Thomas Zaal
150+ interviews | 6+ years experience | Bain, Kearney & Accenture | Bootstrapped and exited startup | Former professional musician | Experience in the Middle East, Europe, and US | London Business School.
  • Bain - Consultant | Dubai | 6+ years of consulting experience
  • 6+ years of coaching experience | 150+ candidates coached | Placed candidates at MBB, Accenture, and Tier 2 | Developed cases that have been solved 5k+ times
  • Location: Dubai - GMT +4
Udayan Mittal
Top-rated MBB coach with many offers - Ex McKinsey EM in New York - 6 years McKinsey recruiting experience - Real cases
  • eBay, Ex McKinsey - Engagement Manager | New York | 6 years of consulting experience
  • 10 years of coaching experience
  • Location: New York - United States - UTC -5
Ultimate Management Consulting Program

The ultimate package with special offers for all our available products. Break your way into top consulting firms with the most extensive prep course!

This package contains:
  • Case Interview End-to-End Secrets Program ($ 444)
  • MConsultingPrep's PSG Simulation ($ 348)
  • Comprehensive Math Drills ($ 156)
  • Resume Toolkit ($ 79)
  • BCG Potential Test Comprehensive ($ 169)
  • McKinsey PST Comprehensive (BONUS)


McKinsey Comprehensive Package

Landing an offer at McKinsey with McKinsey Comprehensive Package.

You're offered:
  • Case Interview End-to-End Secrets Program ($444)
  • MConsultingPrep's PSG Simulation ($348)
  • Comprehensive Math Drills ($156)
  • Resume Toolkit ($79)


Prospective Candidate Starter Pack
Get your consulting application started with exclusive content designed by MCP for every starter!
Market-Sizing & Guesstimate Questions
Get to solve market-sizing question within 5 seconds with 20+ examples and detailed instruction.
Case Interview End-to-End Secrets Program
Case Interviews - the most comprehensive yet hardest assessment of any consulting recruitment process. Elevate your case interview skills with a well-rounded preparation package. This package contains:
  • Business Intuition ($ 109)
  • Consulting Math ($ 156)
  • Tips and Techniques ($ 179)


Tips and Techniques
Enhance your skills by watching 10 illustrative case interviews with empirical tips and tricks!
Business Intuition
Improve your business sense and intuition with 6 comprehensive topics on business problems.
MConsultingPrep’s PSG Simulation
This package has been developed to provide a comprehensive, interactive mock test and practice environment for the McKinsey Problem-Solving Game (also known as the PSG/Imbellus Game/Digital Assessment). This package contains:
  • MConsultingPrep's PSG Simulation (Online Platform) ($ 219)
  • A Companion to the McKinsey PSG (Guidebook) ($ 129)


Comprehensive Math Drills

Master Math questions in your Screening Tests and Case Interviews with a well-rounded training set. Killer tips and tricks are also included!

This package contains:
  • Short-Context Math ($ 39)
  • Long-Context Math ($ 39)
  • Chart Drills ($ 39)
  • Math In Cases ($ 39)


Short-Context Math
You are able to solve short math questions within 5 seconds with this practice set!
Long-Context Math
Combine your reading and math skills to handle the Long-Context Math in Tests!
Chart Drills
Get the data insights more efficiently by nailing the charts at once!
Full-Case Math
Get hands-on experience with Consulting Math by applying new knowledge, tips & tricks in 10 Full Case in various industries.
Consulting Resume Premium Package

Make your way to consulting more straight-forward by crafting an auto-pass resume! Build a flawless one with our killer tips and get even better with our review!

This package includes:
  • Consulting Resume Toolkit ($ 79)
  • Consulting Resume Review ($ 29)


Resume Toolkit
Get the fundamental of crafting a "consulting-like" resume with the most powerful secret toolkit.
Resume Review
Get an in-depth review to get even better in constructing a consulting resume.
Rookie Consultant
Expert's cheat sheet to rock your first few months and get promoted fast in consulting firms - consulting mindset, resource management, client management, and work-life balance.