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This practice package has been developed to train candidates in the presentation aspect of case interview. Take a look at a 30-minute free video sample of this package.

The Tips and Tricks package contains the following:

  • 10 case interview simulation videos covering 6 cases
  • 100+ feedback and best practices
  • Full printable transcripts and graphic illustration of case breakdown

Tips and Tricks Case Interview videos synthesize all the skills required in case interview as they resemble real case interview context with varying level of difficulty. It is recommended to watch these videos in parallel with the intuition and math package. Do NOT just watch like a passive viewer. Take the front seat, pause the video and solve the problem presented at hand yourself, then compare your answers with our samples. Pay close attention to the candidate’s process as well as the interviewer’s feedback throughout the cases to learn the best practices for solving a case and avoiding common mistakes.

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