Double BCG & Math

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This practice package has been developed to provide samples of the quantitative problems and qualitative questions candidates will encounter during Boston Consulting Group’s entrance test, which are usually referred to as the BCG Potential Test.

This practice package contains the following:

  • BCG Comprehensive: 5 full BCG practice tests (23 questions each)
  • 350+ Consulting Math problems and 1000+ raw number calculations

All complete with their keys and detailed explanations.

Our Double BCG Potential Tests & Math materials are divided into 2 modules: (1) BCG Potential Tests and (2) Consulting Math

  • The BCG Potential Tests package is designed to train you to approach the standard test in an effective and systematic way. This package contains 115 questions in 5 full practice tests.
  • The Consulting Math package is designed to supplement your BCG practice by strengthening your math skills. The package consists of hundreds of math questions specially tailored to business problems and over a thousand more raw number calculations.

For this package, your study should be divided into 2 stages:

  • Sharpen your math skills: Go over the math package in the easy-to-difficult order or jump to the areas of your weakness. Do them without time limit. Target 100% accuracy. For some complicated calculations, 10% difference are acceptable. When you can consistently pass hurdles, try to reduce the time. Make sure to go through each area at least once and keeps practicing for 15-30 minutes everyday .
  • Get into the tests: Set the time limit to 45-50 minutes for each practice test and try to increase the number of correct answers within the pre-targeted time allowed. A 70% score or higher should be targeted. Make sure not to use any electronic devices, and to go through each test at least three times. Throughout this stage, supplement your practice with the consulting math materials.

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