Math In Case
(10 Quantitative Cases)


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This practice package is the final component of our Consulting Math Drills. It has been developed recently based on reviews we gathered from candidates enrolling in the course. Although other math packages already cover all types of math calculations in different context lengths, we understand that there is the need to develop a material that provide practices associated with even more complicated and business-related concepts. When numbers are put into case perspectives, you are expected to not only solve the “word problem” but also have to connect the final result to overall background and derive implications. This extra step is essential in any case interview.

The primary goal of this package is to get you a profound understanding of math questions in an interview: their role, position, difficulty level and structure of a decent answer. As all practices derived from cases used in actual interviews, all elements including case context, CEO concerns, available options, business decisions, etc. are worth taking notes. Certainly, they can help improve your business intuition. In general, however, our cases appear to be rather short, as we remove qualitative questions. This removal aims to prevent you from slipping into qualitative side and keep you stay on the math track.Each question in this package goes with a detailed answer, including a recommended approach, formulas, explanations and ‘next-step’ insights. These factors hopefully make up a good response that you should deliver in your actual interview. In fact, a good response should vary depending on the insights you have gathered in the discussion before the math part.

This practice package contains:
• 10 business cases given in actual interviews
• Detailed answer, including a recommended approach, formulas, explanations and ‘next-step’ insights.
At the core of our training philosophy lies the belief that a step-by-step training from easy to hard is crucial to the attainment of math skill. Therefore, this package is best used alongside other math drill packages. The order of difficulty level of our courses are as follows: Plain Number, Short Questions, Chart-based Drills, Full Case and Math in Case.

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