Ultimate Management Consulting Program


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This package equips you with every essential skill for consulting recruitment success, including Quantitative Skills, Business Intuition, and Presentation.

This practice package contains the following:

  • 115 BCG Questions divided into questions in 5 full cases
  • 200 PST Questions divided into 2 modules for optimized practice
  • 10 case interview simulation videos covering 5 cases and 100+ feedbacks
  • 50 exercises on 5 Business Intuition topics and 200+ Brain Teasers
  • 350+ Consulting Math problems and 1000+ raw number calculations

All complete with full keys and explanations

Our Ultimate Management Consulting Program is divided into 4 modules: (1) BCG Potential Test, (2) McKinsey PST, (3) Consulting Math, and (4) Case Interview

  • The BCG Potential Test has been developed to provide samples of the actual questions that candidates will encounter during the real test. You will learn essential skills to answer the BCG Potential Test questions and develop a habit that will save your valuable time to answer quickly and correctly as many questions as possible.
  • The McKinsey PST is designed to familiarize you with all question types and train you to approach each type in an effective and systematic way, then prepare you for the real test with tests that mirror the format of the official materials.
  • The Consulting Math module is designed to supplement your case interview practice by strengthening your math skills. The package consists of hundreds of math questions specially tailored to Case Interview calculations and over a thousand more raw number problems.
  • The Case Interview module has been developed to train candidates in every aspect of case interview, including both content generation and presentation style. It develops your strategic thinking and presentation with 6 comprehensive eBooks and 10 interviews with real candidates over 5 highly interactive and educational case studies.