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Verbal reasoning tests measure the ability to understand written information and use reasoning to make accurate conclusions. You will likely encounter 3 common types of verbal reasoning tests: Verbal Analogy, Reading Comprehension and Making Inferences. Each type has its own challenge.

Vague word relations

In Verbal Analogy questions, you have to recognize relationships between sets of words. You may think good vocabulary can solve every analogy question but that is not enough! It is vital to get familiar with difficult word relations which are designed to weed out thousand candidates.

Misleading options

Reading comprehension question measures your ability to perceive written information and detect relevant details from the passage. You are presented with confusing options under the time limit of 30 seconds per question. So, quickly eliminating these distractors will help you tackle this type of questions.

Confusing phrases

Making inference questions ask you to decide whether a statement is TRUE, FALSE or CANNOT SAY based on the information in the passage. The ability to read between the lines is the KEY to recognize all confusing phrases which are the main distractors in this type.

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Question complexity in order

Practice questions with 3 difficulty levels designed to simulate 3 common types: Verbal Analogy, Reading Comprehension and Making Inferences.

Targeted study plan

Leverage different learning strategies for each test publisher: SHL, Saville, IBM Kenexa, Cut-e/ Aon, Talentlens, Talent Q, Cubiks, Watson Glaser, Test Partnership.

Elaborate answer guide

Interpret every verbal problem with our step-by-step answer guide.

Practical tips & strategies

Utilize our in-depth study guide on difficulty analysis and strategies to tackle every verbal reasoning question.

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For over a decade, we have been providing the best career guide for 30,000+ top school students from Harvard, Stanford, MIT, LSE, and INSEAD… to apply for prestigious consulting, banking firms, and MNCs.

From the ins and outs of recruitment tests

For the past five years, we have received many questions concerning what kinds of aptitude tests company A will use. If fortunate enough, you are provided an instruction email disclosing the test type and its test publisher. Still, in most cases, this will not happen.

Online tests seemingly vary across employers, but most aptitude tests are designed based on ONE competency framework measuring how a person solves a problem.

For this reason, you can ace aptitude tests with one-size-fits-all prep solutions regardless of test variation.

To a practical strategy to ace every aptitude test

Leveraging the extensive experience in recruitment tests and insights from our 1000+ customer interviews, our test experts have developed a structured aptitude test package simulating common test publishers: SHL, Saville, Pymetrics, Cubiks, Kenexa, Sova, Talentlens, Test Partnership, Cappfinity, Pearson, Cut-e (Aon), Talent Q / Korn Ferry.


$100 $29


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1. How many times can i take the test?

Multiple times and different questions.

Each test is randomly generated from our large question bank (350 questions) in the order of difficulty level and topics. You will encounter different sets of questions every time you start taking the test. 

2. Why should i prioritize numerical and verbal reasoning test over other aptitude tests?

85% employers use numerical and verbal test in their recruitment.

Numerical and verbal aptitude are fundamental cognitive abilities that correlate highly with actual performance of an employee. Employers want to see how well a candidate reasons and solves a problem based on data. Thus, you should get yourself familiar with these two main aptitude tests before any online test. 

3. What question type should i prioritize first?

Start with common question type explained in study guide.

In study guide, you are suggested what to prepare first based on the popularity of the question type. There is a list of most common test publishers as well as their types analysed based on our 1000+ customer surveys.

4. Is the test reliable?

Comprehensive test research by our experts with 10+ year experience.

This package is designed to simulate the format, difficulty and all types of question from popular test publishers: SHL, Saville, IBM Kenexa, Cut-e/ Aon, Talentlens, Talent Q, Cubiks, Watson Glaser, Test Partnership. It is of great help to ace every screening test, not just for any specific company.

5. Do i have the right to access more features and questions developed in the future?

Yes. Our mock test has been constantly developed.

You are accessing our early version which is still humble but amazing to practice the test by question logic. Our question bank is constantly developed by our test experts and there will be a ranked test helping you benchmark with thousand candidates and understand your strengths and weaknesses. So secure the current rate right now before the price is changed when product is fully released.

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