McKinsey Problem Solving Test

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Hi, my name is Kim Tran, a former McKinsey consultant and the founder of this platform.

People often say “either you have it or don’t have it”. There are certain “consulting value” that ones must have to be able to make it there.

Now I am here to testify that that is NOT true. I deeply believe that everything in life can be learned through systematic approach and sound training. I have been in your shoes, I have felt your frustrations, and I know it is a tough process!

But together we can make it. Join me and other 20,000+ candidates around the world on the journey to conquer not only the consulting recruiting process but also your own limits!


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"Wow! It is really an eye-opening critique, thank you so much! I truly appreciate that you took the time to look at my cover letter and gave so useful remarks. I will definitely focus more on the CV language and other weak points you mentioned.... Thank you very much, your service is worth every dime."

− Justina, from Lithuania

"Practice tests from the McKinsey website give me a sense of how PST are like, but they do not tell me very much about how to ace them. This bugs me badly until I got the Full Package from you. You guys do a great job in breaking down the test into different question types. I was able to isolate specific skills and logics to train myself. That makes all the difference! Haven't taken the test yet, but I do feel much more prepared with your guides!"

− Ryan, Yale University

"I can't thank you enough for pointing out the necessity of tackling case interviews in three aspects: Intuition, Techniques, and Math. I tried LOMS of Victor Cheng but it seems to only tackle one part of the big picture. I knew something was missing but can't find out what it is. Now your E2E secrets package is the perfect answer for that."

− Yanling, Hong Kong