McKinsey Solve Simulation - Ecosystem Building

The one and only existing platform to practice Ecosystem Building mini-game in a simulated setting, using the gameplay and interface reported by the most recent candidates

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Product Description

This package has been developed to provide a comprehensive, interactive prep environment for the McKinsey Problem-Solving Game (also known as PSG/Imbellus Game/Digital Assessment).

The Solve Ecosystem Building package can be divided into two parts

  • An online course details the interface, logic, assessments, as well as well-proven strategies and tactics to overcome the Solve tasks; common challenges and mistakes faced by real candidates, as well as methods to avoid them are also covered. A note-taking template is also given with the guidebook.
  • A simulation software (MConsultingPrep’s Solve Simulation) for the Ecosystem Building mini-game aims to prepare you for the real test as they closely mirror the format, interface, and logic of the McKinsey Solve. The software has built-in randomizing algorithms to allow candidates to practice infinitely – no two tests are identical. The simulation requires an Internet connection.

Upon purchasing this product, you will be able to log in to the simulation software.

Usage Guidelines

Our online course and simulation software are meant to be used simultaneously. We recommend taking the “Full Simulation” option right at the start of your practice after watching our free youtube video/read the free article, to gauge the difficulties you might face in a real test.

The following steps are suggested to achieve the best result:

  • Step 1: Read the free introductory article here. This should give you enough information not to be surprised, and put you on the same level as most candidates.
  • Step 2: Play the Full Simulation mode once.
  • Step 3: Review your performance in the first Full Simulation. This shall be your baseline performance, without any prior knowledge in terms of strategy or tips. Identify your specific weak points (e.g.: struggling with the interface, or with resolving the food chain, or strategizing the defensive plan, etc.)
  • Step 4: Start improving your problem-solving skills, read this strategy guide, and use the Practice Mode to gradually perfect your approach, focusing on identified weak points first.
  • Step 5+: Play the Full Simulation again, review your performance, assess progress and repeat.

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