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Land an offer at McKinsey, BCG and Bain for the Fall 2022 Recruiting Season with our fool-proof, no-nonsense apps and courses

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“ … I am certain that the program is worth way more than what is listed and the team are doing us a favor by offering such a complete guide at a low cost. I want to extend my utmost gratitude to you. You have not only helped but also inspired and motivated this young but driven candidate. You are a true leader sir!… ”

Gustavo Andres


“I’d like to thank you for your PST prep materials. They were excellent, I think I won’t have passed my PST without them. Most importantly, they prepare you for the shock of facing so many difficult questions and dealing with them in a short time. And I can say the actual exam felt easier than your tests! Very good value for money!”

Vadim Kotikov


“Wow, it is really an eye-opening critique, thank you so much! I truly appreciate the time to look at my cover letter and gave so useful remarks. I will definitely focus more on the CV language and other weak points you mentioned. Thank you very much, your service is worth every dime!”



“You have a realistic, awesome, and reliable simulator. It is a great tool to prepare for the PSG! I had this for 3 days (got an email about the game to be completed in the next 4 days and bought this the next day), and it helped immensely! So appreciative of this!”

James Smith


“Amazing simulation! I would not have been able to be sure to pass the games unless I practiced using your simulation. Keep up the good work! The plant defense in the simulation was harder than the real one. The ecosystem building was spot on, with an exception made for the altitude levels. ”

Kim Aizenberg


“Casey Simulation is really helpful. I passed the Test thanks to your clarification of each common question type and how to solve them. The interface is quite accurate too!”

Gustav Harris


“The Case-interview End-to-end program is absolutely comprehensive. I have practiced case interviews with your free materials before upgrading to this package. Thanks to Kim's detailed comments on other candidates' performance, I improved my performance tremendously and aced the interviews.”

Khanh Luu


“Love the Math Drill package and the tool. Hope you guys will give out more insights for Math problems in case interviews. Overall, it is a great product for intensive practice. Definitely recommend it to other students!”

Nawah Goel


We’ve got the LATEST MOCK TESTS for Fall 2022 recruiting season

Experience MBB screening tests before the day, learn with actual tried-and-true strategies informed by test-takers and controlled experiments. The most accurate interactive MBB mock tests and guide materials on the market!

Whether you apply for McKinsey…
McKinsey PSG Simulation

McKinsey PSG Simulation

App-based simulation for McKinsey PSG

  • 95% accuracy rating

  • Unlimited practice

  • Randomizing algorithms

  • Tried-and-true tips and strategies

  • Life-time access




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… or BCG…
BCG Casey Simulation

BCG Casey Simulation

App-based BCG-style chatbot

  • 95% accuracy rating

  • Six Casey-style cases (more coming!)

  • Realistic question types and difficulty

  • Step-by-step question type answer guide

  • Life-time access




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or Bain, for that matter.
Bain-style Aptitude Tests

Bain-style Aptitude Tests

App-based aptitude tests practice

  • 500 numerical reasoning questions

  • 350 verbal reasoning questions

  • 240 deductive logical questions

  • Step-by-step guide & plan

  • Life-time access




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Reinforce your application, back and front.



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Consulting Resume Toolkit

Consulting Resume Toolkit

DIY resume package

  • 60 resume samples

  • 5 "live edit" videos

  • Common mistakes



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A message from Kim Tran, the Founder of MConsultingPrep

My name is Kim Tran, a former McKinsey consultant. When I did the first mock case, the performance was so bad that my coach said there was NO way I could make it to consulting. Though I was in a top accounting program in the US, it was definitely not a target school for consulting firms.

But I had faith in myself. And this case interview thing seems like a smart system; of course it would see through my talents and capabilities.

That was the time I created the skeleton of what eventually became this very website. I broke down every aspect of case interview, the problem solving test into smaller elements and made sure I mastered the hell out of each. Things started to make sense very quickly.

I passed the PST quite comfortably, feeling like I already knew the answer choices before reading them. Then I calmly came to interviews fully in control of the flow. I was one of the youngest consultants ever to join McKinsey. A new office was being set up at the time and I was offered a full-time position even without a college degree.

I could do it. Everybody can do it!

 A message from Kim Tran, the Founder of MConsultingPrep

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