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Case Interview MECE

MECE, pronounced “mee see”, is a concept commonly used in top consulting firms such as McKinsey, BCG or Bain. If you intend to be a part of a consulting firm, don’t miss this article!

Getting stuck in Case Interview

One of the worst feelings is getting stuck in the middle of a case interview. The important question is: what to do when you happen to be there?

Hypothesis vs Fact-based conclusion

It is not economically feasible to run thorough investigations for every single aspect of business. Therefore, consultants often hypothesize where they can find the insights. Hypothesis is not only a useful tool for consultants but also candidate in saving time for Case Interview.

consulting math

Save time and efforts during your test with lightning-quick calculations.

Chart-based math drills

Being able to comfortably understand and derive insights from charts are some of the most important skills for a consultant. See if you have what it takes by doing our practice test today!

Full Context Case

One of the biggest challenge when preparing for case interview is the lack of math in real case examples. Fear not, you can now try our full case context example for free!

Simple calculations with short texts

These are examples of simple word problems within business contexts. You might want to go back to the Consulting Math overview article for more in-depth information on improving your quantitative capabilities for the McKinsey PST and Case Interviews!

Plain Number Calculation

This is the most basic building-block in improving your consulting math. At the end of the day, you need to be able to perform the striped-down number calculations, and a lot of them.

Problem solving test

Master each of the PST question types with our systematic guides and our practice tests.

PST Passing Rate and Passing Score

Currently applying for McKinsey and are curious about Passing Rate and Passing Score? What if I told you there are more aspects to this topic than you could expect! To find out, You may want to read this article now.

The Problem Solving Test Experience

What A Good Test Taker Know that You Don’t Know? One of our team members has just taken the McKinsey Problem Solving Test (PST) last week. He has many interesting updates, insights, and tips on his experience. These are the notes coming straight from his keyboard to your screen.

Last Minute Preparation

What to do when you only have months, weeks or even just a few days left before your actual case interview. Let’s take a look on the do’s and dont’s in this Last-Minute Preparation article.

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Hi, my name is Kim Tran. I’m a former McKinsey consultant and the founder of MConsultingPrep.

People often say “either you have it or you don’t”. There are certain innate capabilities that one must have in order to make it to management consulting. I am here to testify that it is NOT true. I strongly believe that everything in life can be learned through a systematic approach and sound training. I have been in your shoes, I have felt your frustrations, and I know it is a tough process!

But Together We Can Make It!

Join me and 20,000+ other candidates around the world on the journey to not only conquer the consulting recruitment process but also to challenge your own limits!

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