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Lifetime access to software simulation of the BCG Online Case

Structured guide and practical tips on every question type

Twelve Casey-style cases

Entitlement to all future updates



Behind the development of BCG Casey Simulation

BCG Online Case Experience has been rolled out broadly across BCG offices and became the official test. Studying GMAT questions or similar tests is not enough for preparation. Despite having some practice with GMAT questions in advance, many candidates can't solve the hurdles since questions are not merely divided into qualitative and quantitative types. To help you avoid the pitfalls in the real Test and have an accurate practice experience, a stimulated Casey Chatbot has been developed.

What you will get?

The Most Accurate Interface

Actual chatbot developed to simulate the test environment of the BCG Online Case / Casey Chatbot, with accurate answer formats and chatbot logic.

We update and refine the software continuously, based on candidate feedback.

Experience the BCG Online Case FOR REAL.


No-Nonsense Guidebook Based On Real Candidate Feedback

Dozens of interviews, reports and experiments result in the most INFORMATION-DENSE and PRACTICAL Casey guidebook ever. (we also keep it short – we don’t stuff words into our guidebooks just to make them fat).

  • Five question types with step-by-step answer guides (a full 20-page worth of text and reconstructed interfaces)
  • Preparation and test-taking tips for a time-crunch test (no “manage your time” kind of tips!)

Continuously Expanding Case Library

  • Twelve Casey-style cases with realistic question types and difficulty
  • Accompanied step-by-step answer guides (one page worth of explanation for every single question!)
  • Lifetime and immediate access to our expanding case library

What goes into development

Test-taker interviews


Test-taker interviews

Case samples


Case samples

Controlled experiments


Controlled experiments

BCG Online Case Simulation



What our customers say

“The Guidebook really covers it all. Bravo to you guys. My Test was due soon and your insights are really helpful”


July 2022

“You made it easy to review my whole 25-minute performance. It was weird to watch my video question, but thanks to that I know where I could improve on.”


August 2022

“I didn’t think the questions would be so much different from GMAT. Your Guidebook is easy-to-follow and insightful! Thanks for the package”


August 2022

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