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Hi friends!

2024 recruitment season is coming and we are here to help you improve your resume.

In this program, you will submit your resume, and Kim Tran - MCP’s founder will provide a quick review and suggest improvements. 

To give you insight into a consultant's thought process, we will be creating a video demonstrating how a real consultant screens your resume within 30 seconds after this event. Stay tuned!

This program is open for everyone and 100% FREE! If you are not unsure about your resume, don’t hesitate to join us.


• During 31/1 - 11/2, upload your resume to the comment section below and Kim Tran will provide quick feedback by replying directly to your comment. 

• Please upload an image and provide a link to your resume to make sure our team can review your resume.

• You can hide/blur your personal information for privacy purposes. 


• Make sure to create the best version of your resume for this program. We recommend you watch our video resume guidelines before submitting your resume to make the most of our feedback.

• This is a quick review of your resume. If you want a deep-dive review session, consider booking a session with our experts!

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2024 Free Resume Review Program (31/1 - 11/2)

Hi everyone, I have graduated with a bachelor's degree in international business. As my major is quite broad, I am actually considering about many fields right now, one of which is management consulting.

With everyone's experience in the consulting industry, can you share your success stories for me to refer to? I'm really confused and it would be great if I could get inspiration from you guys

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ConsultingReferralCommunityIndustry Career

Hi friends, Our email inbox is buzzing with amazing updates from our customers every day, and we believe their success stories can be a huge inspiration for all you current applicants out there. That's why we create this post to gather all the success stories here. Feel free to share! We can't wait to hear how you got an offer!

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Hi all,

I practice McKinsey Solve Simulation and it takes me a considerable amount of time using screen calculator. It’s more time-saving to use an external calculator or Excel to make calculations. Will it be okay if I do most calculations outside of the test window and just type in the answer in the calculator so it records the answers to be able to drag them? 


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mckinsey gameMcKinsey Solve

Hi all. As I know, there are multiple skills tested by McKinsey in the McKinsey Solve Game, such as system thinking, critical thinking, etc. How can I prepare for each of these?

Thanks in advance.

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mckinsey gameMcKinsey Solve

Hi everyone. As I know, interviewees should ask several clarifying questions in a case interview to understand the problem and define an appropriate framework. In some cases, I feel like I can understand the problem without asking for any clarifying questions. Is it good or bad if I don't have any clarifying questions or confusion at the beginning of a case interview?


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Case interview


I hope this message finds you well. I'm reaching out to share my resume with you for your review. I'm particularly keen on refining the bullet points, especially those related to my role at NielsenIQ. Ensuring the utmost clarity and effectiveness in this section is of paramount importance to me.

I would greatly appreciate your insights and suggestions on how to enhance these bullet points by the deadline of 5th March. Additionally, any guidance on improving my overall resume to increase the likelihood of successfully passing the screening stage would be invaluable.

Thank you very much for your time and assistance. Looking forward to your feedback.

Warm regards,


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Resume Feedback Request -Application deadline 5th March

I recently completed the BCG online assessment, known as Casey, and let me tell you, it was quite the challenge. Despite preparing diligently for traditional case interviews, I found the assessment to be a whole new experience.

All of the questions were lengthy and dense, and the arithmetic component was very tricky. With just 30 minutes total, I struggled to complete everything in time. It was a chatbot so I couldn’t ask any clarifying questions about the case left me feeling lost. Additionally,I also made some errors in the math section, which I only realized after the test. I just have one chance to answer every questions and without feedback during the test, my mistakes compounded, affecting my overall performance. The use of a chatbot was unfamiliar and added to the difficulty.

Therefore I want to ask that: Do you guys have any information on how important and what impact this online test has in the overall application process? I feeling quite worry right now.

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TestBCGResultBCG Casey

Hi guys,

I just did the Bain Sova test last week and it had Personality and 3 other aptitude tests (Numerical, verbal, and logical). You get to choose the order, which is cool.

  • Personality involves rating some behavioral statements based on a scale of 5 "Least like me" and "Most like me". E.g: "I tend to be calm most of the time.
  • Verbal section showes a short paragraph (I guess around 200 words) and a statement, then 3 options: True/False/Cannot Say
  • Numerical: chart type question (or data interpretation as on MCP guide) and questions are mostly calculations.
  • Logical reasoning: Some shapes and figures and identify the next pattern.

My concern is they say it takes approximately 1 hr 15 mins, but I spent about 1 hr 30 mins to complete. Wondering if that'll affect my results. Any thoughts or advice is much appreciated! Thanks!

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BainBain testBain SOVA Test

Hi guys, 

Do you have any experience with fit interviews? I know that a fit interview checks if your qualities, motivations, and personality fit the firm's culture. From your experience, which questions can be asked in MBBs fit interviews? What should I prepare for the interview? 

Hope to hear you sharing!

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Fit questionfit interview

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