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If you are leaving the tech startup scene from a 7 year CEO role, and are in your early 30's, does it make sense to apply for a more senior role in consulting versus entry level?

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Are there specific industry where you see a rising demand for consultants? Should I learn about the industry for my application prep?

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I applied for McKinsey but I didn't pass the CV round. However, with the same CV, I passed BCG. Is there any difference in analysing CVs between 2 firms? How can I improve my CV to pass McKinsey?

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The McKinsey Problem Solving Game is a challenge for many applicants. But in this community, we believe in collaborative learning! We want to hear from EVERYONE who's taken the McKinsey PSG! Please share your experience with the test format, resources helped you prepare or the strategy you used in the test. And if you are new to the challenge, learn from others' insight in the comment!

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PSG Field Report

Good evening community,

My question is about the upcoming application dates for MBB consultants for students who are graduating right now.

Thank you very much, best regards!

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Is it important to memorize specific data (like population) for quick calculations in case interviews? Are there any recommended resources for those data?

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Share your framework below!

Client Goal: Our client, Crema Coffee Roasters, is seeking guidance on the best approach to expand their business.

Situation Description: Crema is a specialty coffee roaster established in 2010, known for its ethically sourced, single-origin beans and unique blends. They've cultivated a loyal customer base through local farmers markets and a small online store. However, recent growth has plateaued, and Crema desires to reach wider customers.

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My GPA isn't stellar - how can I overcome this hurdle and break into consulting, because I didn't prioritize academics in undergrad?

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This is a case prompt from the webinar: "Walkthrough a McKinsey Case with Coach Peter K". What is your structure for this? Comment below!

A Spanish low-cost airline has been facing declining profitability.
They run six domestic routes. Several newcomers have entered the low-cost airline industry in Spain recently. How to improve the client's margins?
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I have a Master's degree (non-MBA) and relevant experience but struggle to get past the initial screening for experienced roles. Any tips for standing out?

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