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Aptitude Test Package

Most Bain offices use basic aptitude tests from common test publishers such as SHL, Sova, Saville and Cubiks, which test cognitive abilities such as numerical, verbal and logical reasoning.

For this reason, we recommend using this Aptitude Test Package as a one-size-fits-all, interactive, step-by-step prep solution for Bain candidates.

For more details about Bain online test, see this link.

  • Simulate aptitude tests that 80% of Bain offices use

  • Life-time access to all features and question bank

  • Question by types, detailed explanations and study guide



What’s inside our package?

Numerical Reasoning Test Package

  • 500+ questions categorized into 2 types: word problem & data interpretation
  • Detailed answer guide with formula explanations and solutions
  • Instructional study plan for most common test publishers
  • Interactive mock test for personalized learning
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Numerical Reasoning Test Package

Verbal Reasoning Test Package

  • 350+ questions categorized into 3 types: verbal analogy, reading comprehension and making inferences
  • Tackle every confusing word relation and phrase with our detailed answer guide
  • Practical tips and tricks for each question type
  • Interactive mock test for personalized learning
Verbal Reasoning Test Package

Deductive Reasoning Test Package

  • 240+ questions categorized into 3 types: syllogism with quantifiers, ordering & arrangement, and grouping
  • Tackle every confusing deductive logic with our comprehensive visualized logic model
  • Practical tips and tricks
  • Interactive mock test for personalized learning
Deductive Reasoning Test Package

Inductive Reasoning Test Package

  • 400+ questions categorized into 3 types: figure series, matrix and odd one out
  • Recognize 7 common inductive patterns and distractors in each question
  • Practical tips and tricks
  • Interactive mock test for personalized learning
Inductive Reasoning Test Package

Aptitude Test Package for Bain

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