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Learning together yields better results

Getting an MBB offer is more than just self-learning. You will thrive when you practice and receive feedback from other candidates and ex-MBB coaches.

Understand the nuances of case interview

Join the discussion and solve cases with your peers to have the right strategies to do case interview.

Gain MBB test insights

Learn the experience from your peers and coaches to pass screening tests from McKinsey, BCG and Bain.

Receive feedback on your resume

Increase your confidence by getting your resume reviewed by other candidates and ex-consultants. You will learn what to highlight in your resume based on consulting standards.

Practice with other candidates

Our community gathers candidates from diverse backgrounds and levels. Find your own case partner right now and get down to practicing.

Network with ex-MBB consultants

Our ex-consultants are looking forward to helping the next generation of applicants. Connect with them to gain more insights of landing an MBB offer.

Engage with MConsultingPrep’s product team

Meet the team behind every product at MConsultingPrep to see how our products work and gain the latest insights that you cannot get from using the product alone.

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