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Jan 31, 2024

2024 Free Resume Review Program (31/1 - 11/2)

Hi friends!

2024 recruitment season is coming and we are here to help you improve your resume.

In this program, you will submit your resume, and Kim Tran - MCP’s founder will provide a quick review and suggest improvements. 

To give you insight into a consultant's thought process, we will be creating a video demonstrating how a real consultant screens your resume within 30 seconds after this event. Stay tuned!

This program is open for everyone and 100% FREE! If you are not unsure about your resume, don’t hesitate to join us.


• During 31/1 - 11/2, upload your resume to the comment section below and Kim Tran will provide quick feedback by replying directly to your comment. 

• Please upload an image and provide a link to your resume to make sure our team can review your resume.

• You can hide/blur your personal information for privacy purposes. 


• Make sure to create the best version of your resume for this program. We recommend you watch our video resume guidelines before submitting your resume to make the most of our feedback.

• This is a quick review of your resume. If you want a deep-dive review session, consider booking a session with our experts!

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2024 Free Resume Review Program (31/1 - 11/2)

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