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Frameworking & Structuring Masterclass

Shift your mindset to create tailored frameworks for any case type and think like a consultant

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Class length: 3 sessions

Date: Feb 20, Feb 22, Feb 27

Time: 9:00 am - 10:00 am (GMT+0)

Class size: 20 students


Coach Ian Glennon

About Frameworking Masterclass

"I thought I had prepared for my case interviews properly, but not a single case prompt I received was a classic case type. I was completely thrown off as I wasn't expecting these unconventional cases."

Gone are the days of memorizing profitability and growth frameworks. Strategy consultancies are employing more and more unconventional prompts in their case interviews in order to test the candidate's ability to break down problems in an objective-driven MECE way.

By the end of this 3-session masterclass, you should have a fundamental mindset shift in the way that you approach solving cases and creating frameworks. As an ex-BCG leading case coach, Ian will lay out how to tackle both standard and unconventional cases by leveraging his tried-and-tested approach that has supported hundreds of candidates in successfully navigating the case interview!

Some examples of real case interview prompts we will teach you how to solve:

· How do you plan the covid vaccination rollout campaign?

· How do you increase female representation at the executive level?

· How do you fix a decline in the completion rate of mortgage applications?

· How do you bring an over-budget and delayed digitization program back on track?

· Predict unemployment rate of x country in the next 5 years and advise the government on how to address it.

· Help the CEO of a local package delivery company in a small village to setup a fleet of delivery trucks based on delivery needs

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About Coach Frederic

About Coach Ian

Are you struggling with frameworking and brainstorming in your case practice? Unsure how to create tailored, MECE, structured answers for unconventional prompts? Or, are you stuck memorizing Revenue and Cost for Profitability (Wrong) and Company, Customer, Competition for Market Entry (Wrong)?

My name is Ian Glennon and I've helped hundreds of candidates over the year shine in their inteviews. I'm not kidding. My candidates consistently get told by interviewers that their frameworks are the best they have seen (genuinely, this is not hyperbole). I've refined these techniques and condensed them into a 1.5 hour masterclass.

During these interactive 3 sessions, you will learn the tricks and mindset shifts required to shine above the rest in your frameworking. By the end of the session, you will have a much better understanding of how to have non-generic frameworks, how to structure any problem, and, ultimately, start your case interview off with a bang.

Looking forward to having you!

Who this class is for?

This course is extremely beneficial for candidates who

New to framework and case structuring

Dont know how to solve unconventional cases

Unsure about how to give a structured answer

Trying to memorize frameworks

What students say about this class

Meet Gandhi from India

Trang from Vietnam

“I wanted to thank you for taking the time to the workshop for the students. I found your input very insightful, especially how you focused on what makes a good vs bad framework.”

“[The interviewer] praised my framework by saying he'd given the case over 50 times and this was one of the least generic he's heard…I'm getting the hang of it all thanks to you”

“The [World of Frameworks] video is amazing. I've spent a lot of money on other resources (IGotAnOffer, CaseCoach), and your video is by far the most logical resource I've used”

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Why should you attend this 3 session masterclass?

Why should you attend this class

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