A Complete Overview on Walmart Assessment Tests

Walmart Assessment Tests are effective tools to evaluate potential employees in Walmart’s recruitment process. The tests consist of behavioral, situational judgment and math assessments, which help shortlist a wide range of candidates for this world-leading retail company.

This article will provide you with a better picture of what to expect in Walmart Assessments and how to prepare for the tests. 

What are Walmart Assessment Tests?

Walmart Assessment Tests are used by Walmart to measure candidates’ situational judgment skills, cognitive abilities and personalities, which filter out candidates for the interview stage. Based on the position you apply for, there are 3 main types of tests:

  • Retail Associate Assessment (RAA)
  • Manager Employment Assessment (MEA)
  • Teaming Employment Assessment (TEA)

Some specific roles like supervisor or driver require Supervisor Employment Assessment (SEA) or Supply Chain Associate Assessment.


When do Walmart Assessment Tests take place?

Assessment is the second stage of the hiring process. Along with your application form, the tests determine whether you will be interviewed. Thus, it is crucial to prepare carefully for the Assessments and the recruitment process as a whole.

Walmart’s hiring process is straightforward with 4 simple steps: Application => Online Assessments => Interview => Orientation.  

Stage 1: Application

At this stage, you will provide basic information such as references, experience and background. You must create an account on Walmart Careers website and log in before filling out your application online.

Stage 2: Online Assessments

Walmart Assessment Tests appraise candidates’ ability to understand and deal with work-related situations and relations. Assessments also include questions about aptitude and personality. The employer will give you some scenarios and a set of responses to see if your work style is compatible with Walmart’s culture and values. This stage helps Walmart shortlist the job applicants before interviewing.

Stage 3: Interview

The interview is the third stage in Walmart’s hiring process. Here, you will have an opportunity to tell the company more about yourself, including your personality, skills, and passion. You can also prepare a list of questions to understand the company better.

Stage 4: Orientation

Qualified candidates will be invited to a three-day orientation, which helps future employees familiarize themselves with the company, including organizational functions, working environment, and the company’s system. It is also a chance for you to build relationships with your co-workers and learn more about the culture of Walmart. 


Types of Walmart Assessments

Overall, there are often 3 main types used by most positions:

  • Walmart Retail Associate Assessment (RAA) includes 4 sections, assessing your eligibility to work in a Sales position.
  • Walmart Manager Employment Assessment (MEA) is a test with 5 sections designed for management roles.
  • Walmart Teaming Employment Assessment (TEA) comprises 5 sections used to screen applicants in other managerial and leadership positions.

At Walmart, specific roles require different tests to screen job applicants. However, there are some general notes for all kinds of tests you need to keep in mind:

  • You have to pass all sections in the test to get to the interview round.
  • Once finishing the application form, you will be immediately directed to the assessment test. Thus, remember to practice beforehand.
  • There is no time limit, regardless of the test type. Read and answer carefully, as there is no need to rush.

Walmart Retail Associate Assessment (RAA)

Retail Associate Assessment (RAA) is the most common test to screen candidates for most hourly positions, such as cashier, front-end employee, order filler, personal shopper, or any other role. The RAA contains 4 sections customized to Sales-related scenarios, assessing interpersonal skills, problem-solving mindset, or consistent work style:

  • Section 1: Work With Customers or Members
  • Section 2: Handle Transactions
  • Section 3: Tell Us Your Story
  • Section 4: Describe Your Approach

Work with customers/members

This section assesses your ability to deal with everyday situations you may encounter when working with customers or members. Questions ask you to rank two among 4 options; one is the most effective and the other is the least for the given situation. Here is an example of this question type:

Source: Walmart


Most: Tell him that you’d be happy to keep talking right after you help the other customer/member

Least: Interrupt to ask if there’s anything you can help him with today


It is always essential to make customers feel satisfied and happy. Moreover, loyal customers account for the most significant percentage of the company’s income, so you must prioritize them.

The Most effective response in this situation will be the first one since it shows your willingness to listen to the customer and ensures the others are equally treated.

The Least answer will be the last option as it indicates that you haven’t paid attention to that loyal customer. Also, this response can be disrespectful as you interrupt their talk.

Verify product information

This section asks you to identify whether items on the product information are right by ticking the Match or Error boxes.

Source: Walmart

Answer: Match-Error-Error-Error

Explanation: The Unit Price is correctly presented as $2.97, while the location is A16-7 instead of A16-8. The On hand and Sales floor quantity must switch with each other to match the given information tag.

Tell us your story

Questions in this section are about your background, personality and behaviors. Walmart uses this part to determine if you will fit into the company culture and work environment. You have to select one of the given responses, which is the most relevant to you.

Source: Walmart

As shown in the example, none of the options is better than the others. They present different personality types, therefore determining what type of employee you are and how you will fit into Walmart’s culture. So, it is important to research the company and understand its insights thoroughly.

Describe your approach

This part contains questions about your work style. Like the Tell Us Your Story section, this part shows your work attitude and how you will fit into Walmart’s working environment. Again, there is no “correct” answer, but there is always the most compatible with the company.

The interactive interface will show you two contradictory statements, from which you will have to choose the extent that is most likely your behavior.


Walmart Manager Employment Assessment (MEA)

Management Employment Assessment is used to assess management abilities for specific roles, such as Store Manager, Coach Trainee, Assistant Manager, and Area Manager.

MEA has 5 sections, including 3 in common with RAA: Work With Members, Tell Us Your Story and Describe Your Approach, and 2 additional sections related to management positions only:

  • Section 1: Work With Members
  • Section 2: Run Your Business
  • Section 3: Manage Your Day
  • Section 4: Tell Us Your Story
  • Section 5: Describe Your Approach

Note that 3 common sections are customized for specific roles, so the context of MEA is from a manager’s point of view. Now, let’s dig into the 2 different ones.

Run your business

In this section, you need to process data and choose one conclusion or decision through it. This part may require basic math, but its main focus is to evaluate your ability to understand, analyze information and make business decisions, which is crucial to a management role.

Source: Walmart

Answer: The correct answer is Quality


You can see each color represents a different level of performance.

The color of the 3 groups in the Quality area remained unchanged. Meanwhile, there are at least 2 changes of color in each of the other 3 sectors: Productivity, Safety, and Engagement. So overall, the performance of all 3 groups is consistent with last month. 

Manage your day

In this part, you need to rank tasks that a Walmart manager could face on a daily basis. You will decide how urgent a task or how impactful a scenario will be by dragging the order from 1st to 4th to each situation. By that, Walmart can assess your ability to organize and delegate work, which is a necessary skill for any management role. 

Source: Walmart


Most impact – You notice your facility’s supplies are lower than they should be for several of your most critical supplies

2nd Most impact – You need to relocate a list of items to prepare for an upcoming sales promotion starting later this week

3rd Most impact – You need to prepare for a department meeting occurring next week

4th Most impact – You overhear two associates complaining about another manager


The first scenario is the most urgent since supplies are indispensable for operation and manufacturing, not to mention that those inadequate supplies are also the most critical.

Based on the time urgency, the upcoming sales promotion is the next priority. The following week’s meeting is on the 3rd.

The least important among the 4 scenarios will be your overhearing of associates. It is not an official concern and maybe some private opinions. More importantly, it does not directly affect your facility results. Still, this may bring about some effect in the long run and needs to be addressed by the manager and those staff.


Walmart Teaming Employment Assessment (TEA)

Teaming Employment Assessment (TEA) assesses your team management skills when you apply for various leadership positions, such as Team Lead, Hourly Supervisor, Academy Trainer, and Department Manager. There are 5 sections in this test:

  • Section 1: Work with Members
  • Section 2: Manage Your Day
  • Section 3: Manage Your Area
  • Section 4: Tell Us Your Story
  • Section 5: Describe Your Approach

MEA and TEA are both for managerial positions, so they have almost all test types in common. One exceptional section is Manage Your Area, with multiple-choice questions asking you to find out what’s going on in your team and give a possible solution.

Source: Walmart

Answer: Scott

Explanation: The new task should be assigned to someone with the highest rate of on-time completed tasks and the least remaining to complete. So, Scott will be the best option.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does the Walmart assessment test take?

There is no time limit for Walmart Assessment. Therefore, you can take your time and read each question carefully. On average, completing the assessment test will take about 20-30 minutes.

2. What score do you need to pass the tests?

Walmart assessments have a band score that is not publicly known, and you can only see if you pass or fail the tests. Based on your answer, they will rank your performance in 4 score categories: Poor, Good, Competitive, and Excellent.

Furthermore, you can not see if you did well or poorly in each section; only the overall result is presented. It can be a case that you passed the overall examination but still failed since one section of the test is not good enough.

3. How do you know if you passed the Walmart Assessment Test?

When the tests are finished, there will be a notification showing your result, green indicating you have passed the test and red for failure. But as mentioned above, even if your overall result is a pass, you can still fail when performing poorly in one section. Hence, you can not be sure until receiving an invitation to a one-on-one interview.

4. How long do I have to wait to retake the tests?

After you have failed, you have to wait for 6 months from the day your result is released to re-apply for a job at Walmart.

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