Bain Meseekna Test: The Most-Updated Assessment at Bain

Bain & Company has introduced a new assessment, the Bain Meseekna Test, for applicants to their North American offices. The test is currently optional as being on trial, but if it proves effective, it may become part of Bain's screening process.

This article will give you a comprehensive introduction to Bain Meseekna Test, when to take this assessment, and sample questions to try out.

What is the Bain Meseekna Test?

Bain Meseekna Test is an interactive simulation tool piloted by Bain & Company. The test takes around 25 minutes to complete, including 3-5 minutes for the tutorial and 20 minutes for the simulation. This tool is developed by Meseekna, a platform that provides talent acquisition solutions for businesses.

Typically, the test presents candidates with a novel scenario and asks for a reasonable solution. Candidates must then analyze the information, resolve problems, and prioritize tasks as multiple issues may arise. For example, here is a question from the Bain Meseekna Test:

An example of Bain Meseekna Test

Although still in the testing phase, Bain Meseekna Test is a possible new screening tool for the hiring process, particularly for North American applicants. It will likely be used in the second stage of the Bain recruitment after the application form. To pass the selection, you should become familiar with the Meseekna test system and common question types.


What does Bain Meseekna Test measure?

Bain Meeseekna Test focuses on a candidate's problem-solving skills and work behavior. According to Bain & Company, there are 4 domains they assess: information management, creative decisiveness, team orientation, and collaboration. These behaviors are evaluated through factors such as:

  • How do you collect and arrange given information?
  • How do you create an action plan and set goals to manage emerging issues?
  • How do you address situations, manage crises, and make daily decisions?


What is in the Bain Meseekna Test?

Bain Meseekna Test comprises a process of gathering, verifying inputs, and developing strategic action plans to resolve a work-related issue.

When you first attempt Bain Meseekna Test, there will be a simulation introduction that provides you with an overview of the case. At this stage, you need to briefly comprehend the situation and remember details about your hypothetical business:

An example of Simulation Introduction in Bain Meseekna Test

In the next step, messages will pop up to announce specific situations. Before responding to the challenges, you can fact-check the given information by dragging it into a verification box:

An example of Bain Meseekna Test

After receiving the messages, you can instantly “Make a Decision”, “Create a Plan” to execute later, or “Search for information” to further understand the scenario. By determining the department of the company (i.e., administration, R&D, human resources, or finance), you can select specific branches related to the area:

  • Administration: stock management, reports, internal & external meetings, etc.
  • R&D: market research, product development, etc.
  • Human resources: recruiting, training staff, rewards & incentives, etc.
  • Finance: accounting, investing, tax management, cash flow, etc.

Then, you will see a series of possible actions from below drop-down lists. This closely resembles the real world, as there are many solutions to put forth.

An example of Bain Meseekna Test

After making a decision, you also need to connect your action with the corresponding notification and previous steps. By that, Bain & Company will better understand your approach to workplace situations and relations.

An example of Bain Meseekna Test

KEY TAKEAWAYS: In Bain Meseekna Test, various messages about work-related issues constantly emerge. To do well in this test, you may need to prioritize tasks that have a major impact on the business's goal, instead of addressing all issues one by one. Focus on what the company needs, based on the case background in the introduction, to build an effective action plan.

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