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Consulting Content Terminology

By Kim Tran October 9, 2014Case Interview5 Comments

Useful for:

  • First-year consultants looking to immediately improve “professionalism” and have “consulting-like” writing on documents, emails, etc.
  • First-year consultants to understand and get involved in content discussions right on the first day
  • Future aspired consultants looking to implicitly show their “consulting-like” background on resumes or in case interviews

These are only a few examples of consulting terminologies included in our dictionary. To get the full list, you can scroll down to find the free download link below.


TermsSimple DefinitionExamples of a typical consulting writing
Ad hocNon-structureLet’s turn this ad hoc process into a structured and efficient one.
DeliverablesEnd products of consulting projectsOur deliverables for this workstream include the master strategy and detailed implementation plan for the cement segment in the next 10 years.
End-to-endComprehensive; completeThe supervisors should manage and construct projects in an end-to-end manner.
FootprintSignificant and
powerful presence
in something
The firm has expanded its footprint in the real
estate and social infrastructure construction in
synergy with the urban development business.
FunctionE.g: HR, Finance,
Strategy, etc.
IT systems are vulnerable while HR and Finance
functions also show gaps.
In lineAbout the sameThis steel plant performance is in line with
market average but room for improvement exists.
InitiativesActionsABC could pursue performance improvement
initiatives to further strengthen hydro power
generation’s contribution to the Holding.
advantage of
Apple should leverage its strong brand name.
LeversWays to improve
There are three levers to boost sales conversion
rate at branches.
Market perspectiveMarket understandingThe first phase in our project is to get a big-picture of market perspective.
MilestonesMini goalsThe company passed the £6 million milestone
this year.
RestructuringSignificantly and
massively changing
The board guided three-year Human Capital
Transformation Plan including restructuring
divisions and alignment to business strategy.
Root causeBottleneck that
causes the problem
The root cause of the problem lies in the poor
construction of the bridge.
StrategyWhere to play;
What to play; How
to play
The client should develop a holistic urban
development strategy to become the developer-of-choice for large-scale urban development
TurnaroundBringing something from the slums to the surfaceABC cement is facing serious financial challenges and the chance for a turnaround is small.
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  • Jack

    This is great!..A lot of people learn those cliche daily-life consulting jargon terms and think it’s enough. But those are more likely used in casual communication. When it come to formal communication … I can’t seem to find such a thorough library of terms…untul now. Tks a lot Kim

  • Jason Chaw

    Very helpful esp. for those new to consulting!

  • Linh

    I’ve been looking for this for months!!! Thanks a lot Kim and MCP team! Keep up the good work!

  • Lynn Phan

    Glad i found this post and other information you provide about consulting resume. I’ve been considering some resume feedback service but they’re quite too much expensive for me.

  • Kelley