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Dating a consultant?

12 Signs You Are Dating a Consultant

Ever heard that management consultants don’t have a personal life? This may surprise you but we consultants also interact with ordinary people around us – we hang out with friends, enjoy good times with the family, and we date, too (as long as the managers don’t have us work on the weekends)

However, a date with a consultant can be somewhat… different, shall I say?

How to save your consultant boyfriend

Girls, here’s 12 signs that you might be dating a management consultant:

1. Considers dating different girls as “mystery shopping”

2. Asks about lifestyle and hour preference during your first date

3. Asks for the receipt at the end of a romantic dinner (guess why?)

4. Orders appetizer and dessert while eating street food

5. Writes a text with bullet points

6. Wonders if he should write a summary email of the first date to the the girl’s parents

7. Draws a decision tree of different options when answering the question “what are we now?”

8. Complains that girls always speak without being fact-based

9. Refers to a conversation to resolve a fight as a “problem-solver”

10. Considers a kiss on first date a “quick win”

11. Shreds all evidence and consistently denies the dating relationship everyone knows about

12. “Do you remember our first kiss?”
“Yes, of course, I remember, 2011-08-01 Kiss 1.0.”

If your date has the above signs, please understand that the guy has sold his soul to the company, following 2 years of consulting work.

Treat him with kindness, and you might just be able to bring sanity back to him.

Although the above list is purely humor, it is true that we consultants think and behave in a different way than most people. You will find out why, if you understand the job.

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