Airbus Recruitment Process: 4 Stages to Land Your Dream Job

Airbus is one of the leading corporations in the aerospace industry, providing anyone interested in the field a prospective career and opportunities to learn valuable knowledge. Therefore, it attracts a wide range of global candidates every year, making Airbus Recruitment Process a competitive selection.

This article will provide a comprehensive insight into each stage of Airbus Recruitment Process, mock questions for online tests and interviews, and practical guidelines to help you become part of the crew!

Four stages of Airbus recruitment process

Regardless of the position you apply for, Airbus Recruitment Process comprises 4 main stages: Online Application ⇒ Online Tests ⇒ Assessment Center ⇒ Interviews. Preparing carefully for all 4 phases of the recruitment process is crucial since Airbus Recruitment is highly competitive. Here is a brief introduction for each stage:

Stage 1: Online Application

You must provide personal details in the application stage by filling out an online form and submitting your resume/CV. Airbus will gain a better insight into your educational background, work history, and skillset so that the hiring company can roughly screen the good fit from a large candidate pool.

Stage 2: Online Tests

Airbus uses 4 main types of psychometric assessments: Numerical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, and Situational Judgment. Through the tests, Airbus wants to measure your intelligence and skills for the position you’re vying for and how you deal with workplace relations and scenarios.

Stage 3: Assessment Center

Airbus Assessment Center includes interactive exercises, namely Group exercises and Presentation exercises. These activities measure your communication with colleagues and problem-solving skills in business contexts.

Stage 4: Interviews

There are 2 rounds of interviews in Airbus Recruitment Process: Technical Interview and HR Interview. Each interview looks into one criterion of an ideal candidate, including your personality, work approach, and expertise for the position.


Stage 1: Airbus online application

The first step in Airbus Online Application is to upload a copy of your resume/CV, preferably in PDF. You are also suggested to upload a cover letter or motivation letter to show your suitability and desire for the job. Then, there will be a list of personal questions related to your educational background, work experience, and acquired skills. By that, the recruiter can pick out applicants that fulfill the basic requirements for the job.

Before applying, you can look for detailed information on Airbus Careers Website to better understand the job. First, you can select your program, graduate or apprenticeship, and find available positions at Airbus using Airbus Job Search Engine. There are several drop-down lists to help you find the most suitable job: Location, Posting Date, or Job Category.


Stage 2: Airbus online tests

Airbus Online Tests are a series of aptitude assessments, including Numerical Reasoning Tests, Verbal Reasoning Tests, Logical Reasoning Tests, and Situational Judgment Tests. Each of these exams evaluates one competency that Airbus seeks in a potential candidate, such as numeracy skills, verbal ability, abstract reasoning, or problem-solving skills in workplace situations. Let’s look closer into each type of test:

Airbus numerical reasoning tests

Numerical Reasoning Tests at Airbus give you numerical information in the form of a chart or graph, based on which you have to determine the truthfulness of a given statement. There are links to different data sheets at the top of the question to help you spot relevant data. Aon-style numerical reasoning tests often comprise 37 questions under a time limit of 12 minutes. Let’s take a look at a sample question:

Source: Aon (Cut-e)

Answer: True

Explanation: The graph shows that the return on equity of Roger & Temple Inc. (illustrated as the yellow line) reached its peak in FY 4, with a return percentage of 2.76%. Therefore, the given statement is true.

Since they include many data types in one chart, dizzying lines, and numbers, Data Interpretation questions like this can be challenging though it requires only basic calculations. Though, you can solve every question of this type by following these 4 simple steps:

  • Step 1: Determine the type of tables/charts presented. (for example, a pie chart for composition or a graph for variation in costs)
  • Step 2: Determine what type of data you need in the question. Is it an absolute revenue value or a percentage of sales growth?
  • Step 3: Locate the information required in the diagram. For example, if the question requires you to find the growth rate between 2022 and 2023, look for the indexes for these 2 years on the sheet.
  • Step 4: Apply the information to arrive at the answer

Airbus verbal reasoning tests

In Airbus Verbal Reasoning Tests, you are asked to answer a series of true-false-cannot say questions by processing written material. Like Numerical Reasoning Tests, they provide 6 data sheets, each including specific information for solving the problem. The tests last for 12 minutes allocated to 49 questions. Here is an example of verbal reasoning questions:

Source: Aon (Cut-e)

Answer: True

Explanation: The passage mentions, “Adhesives include special glue as well as all-purpose glue and glue for special materials and glue sticks.” So, the correct answer is true.

Airbus logical reasoning tests

Airbus Logical Reasoning Tests give you 6 tables containing numbers and letters divided into 2 groups, distinct from each other by colors: green and gray. Your job is to identify the rules of each group and assign colors to 4 additional tables required. There are 12 minutes to complete as many tasks as possible in a total of 12 questions. Let’s look at an example below to see how this question type will be:

Source: Aon (Cut-e)

Answer: Gray-Green-Gray-Green


The tables with gray contain all even numbers.

The tables with green contain all odd numbers.

Actually, Logical Reasoning Tests at Airbus are commonly known as Inductive Reasoning Tests, intended to test candidates’ abstract thinking and fluid intelligence. So, if you want to practice more on this test type, you can find inductive reasoning tests from different test providers beside Aon to master the skills.

Airbus situational judgment tests

Airbus Situational Judgment Tests include a set of scenarios, each question followed by 4 responses, from which you have to select the most and least effective actions for the given case. The main aim of the tests is to evaluate your problem-solving skills in work settings, as well as how you interact with colleagues and the way you contribute to the company.

Situational Judgment Tests are often personality-based and hard to follow particular techniques like cognitive ability tests. However, the practical guidelines below can help you better approach this difficult test type:

  • Know your employer and the position you are applying for. The ultimate aim of Situational Judgment Tests in any company, not just Airbus, is to see how compatible your work persona and the company’s values are. Therefore, if you know what Airbus is seeking and perform those qualities in your response, the company may see you as a good fit.
  • Read the scenario and each response carefully. Sometimes, you immediately see a good response for a situation, but maybe there’s a more sensible one among the rest after carefully thinking. Thus, take your time and read all the answers, then compare one with another if necessary. 

Stage 3: Airbus assessment center

Airbus Assessment Center comprises 2 comprehensive exercises, each of which aims to focus on one domain of your working competencies:

  • Group Exercises: In this assessment, candidates must work together to address a given problem. The group exercises highlight your collaboration and communication as a team member, analytical ability, and problem-solving skills. 
  • Presentation Exercise: You will be presented with a hypothetical business problem, in other words, a case study, to analyze and suggest possible solutions. As mentioned in the name, you must give your proposal in a brief presentation, usually 10-20 minutes. By that, Airbus can assess your ability to analyze a business situation and plan practical action for the issue.

Stage 4: Airbus interviews

Usually, Airbus Interview Process includes 2 main rounds: Technical Interview and HR Interview. While HR discussions ask about your general qualifications and enthusiasm to work at Airbus, technical interviews focus on your deep knowledge and proficiency.

Technical Interview

Technical Interview includes questions about industry knowledge and job-specific skills. Airbus can ask about basic flight controls, DBMS, SQL, python, output, thermodynamics, and heat. Through the interview, the employer wants to see your understanding of the company’s operation, how you would approach your desired role, and what skillset you have to do well in the position.

HR Interview

Unlike technical interviews, this type contains in-depth questions about your personality, background, strengths, and weaknesses to judge your compatibility with Airbus’s cultures and values. Questions in HR Interviews are often general rather than role-specific, exemplified as follows:

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • What do you know about Airbus?
  • Why do you want to work at Airbus?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Why are you interested in this position at Airbus?

Some questions can dig deeper into your work style and behavior, such as:

  • Describe a time you failed.
  • Describe an achievement you are proud of.
  • How would you become an expert in your position?
  • How would you fulfill the missing skills needed for the role?
  • What role do you prefer to take when working in a team?

Frequently asked questions

What is the average salary at Airbus?

The average annual salary at Airbus is $95,000, which means about $30-40 an hour. Commonly, individual salary varies based on the position, department, and location as well as the employee’s skills and performance.

What is the company culture at Airbus?

Most employees claim that the working culture at Airbus is excellent. The company provides its staff with training, orientation, and good prospects for development. There is also a full package of employee benefits to ensure the team works in the best condition.

What kind of employees are expected at Airbus?

Airbus has 6 core values: Customer focus, integrity, respect, creativity, reliability, and teamwork. These qualities build an Airbus employee and integrate every member of the Airbus global family.

How are career development opportunities at Airbus?

The company will help you gain expertise in the aviation industry by providing training options and chances to work in international locations. Don’t worry if you’re a fresh graduate; Airbus offers numerous internship and apprenticeship programs to help you advance in the field.

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