Aon Assessments (Cut-e): Practice Tests 2024

What are Aon assessments?

Aon (Cut-e) – a popular test provider produces aptitude tests and personality questionnaires, supporting organizations and employers in finding the most appropriate people for their job positions. Aon’s tests are trusted by companies such as P&G, O2, Siemens, Deloitte, July’s Inn, ISS, Dell, and Coca-cola.

Aon assessments are divided into multiple categories and each contains specific tests (also called Scales). Let’s take a look around.


Aon aptitude test – Verbal reasoning test 

Aon verbal reasoning questions measure the ability to determine the truthfulness of the statement based on the information within the text (True, False or Cannot Say). There are 49 questions with a time limit of 12 minutes. To get correct answers, you need to spot relevant information which is arranged into 6 topics/tabs (Structure, Strategy, Principles, Products & Services, Locations, and Executive Board).

You have a few minutes? Let’s learn more about verbal reasoning tests here.

Here’s an example of a verbal reasoning question from Aon.

Source: Aon (Cut-e)

Answer: True

Explanation: The passage says, “In the USA, cosmetics are offered to young girls and women; in Australia, Japan, Singapore, and Brazil rather to older women”. Therefore, we can refer that the statement is true.


Aon aptitude test – Numerical reasoning test

Aon numerical reasoning tests involve 2 different types of tests: Scales numerical and Scales eql.

Scales numerical

Aon scales numerical tests measure the ability to determine the truthfulness of the statement based on the given data within tables and charts (True, False or Cannot Say). There are 37 questions with a time limit of 12 minutes. To get correct answers, you need to spot relevant information which is arranged into 6 topics/tabs (Income, Costs, Market Shares, Employees, Return on equity, Outlook).

Source: Aon (Cut-e)

Answer: Cannot Say

Explanation: The data in the tables does not mention Evergreen’s revenues from the cosmetic line ‘Man’ in FY 4. The table even does not include any information in FY 4. So, the answer is Cannot Say.

Scales eql

Aon scale eql tests assess the ability to solve arithmetic functions using mental calculation (addition, subtraction and multiplication). You have 5 minutes to answer as many questions as quickly and correctly as you can.

In each Aon scales eql question, there is an equation with gaps and given results (equations may contain addition, subtraction and multiplication). You need to use numbers (1-9) to complete the task – each number can only be used once.

Source: Aon (Cut-e)


Aon aptitude test – Logic test

Aon logical tests involve 5 different types of tests:

  • Deductive Logical Thinking (Scales lst)
  • Deductive Logical Thinking (switchChallenge)
  • Inductive Logical Thinking (Scales cls)
  • Inductive Logical Thinking (Scales ix)
  • Inductive Logical Thinking (Scales clx)

Deductive logical thinking (Scales lst)

Aon scales lst tests assess the ability to identify patterns and rules in the given graphic and fill the empty cell to complete the pattern. You have 6 minutes to complete as many questions as possible. Each question involves an incomplete grid with different symbols in the cells. You need to replace the question mark with a symbol that logically fits in that cell (A different symbol can only appear once per column and per row).

Source: Aon (Cut-e)

Answer: the circle

Explanation: The question mark should be replaced by the circle because it’s the only object that does not appear in the second column.

Deductive logical thinking (switchChallenge)

Aon switchChallenge tests require you to identify the right operators (4-digit number sequences) to get the right results. You have 6 minutes to answer as many questions as possible. Each question contains 4 symbols in a row whose order is altered by an operator (the operators are 4-digit number sequences). Your task is to find the operator that changes the order of the symbol (from the initial state to final state).

Source: Aon (Cut-e)

Answer: the middle operator

Explanation: Encode the sequence of shapes (input) with numbers in chronological order: Green (1), Yellow (2), Red (3), and Blue (4). Based on that, we’ll have the sequence of shapes (output) as: Green (1), Blue (4), Red (3), Yellow (2). The operator should be 1432.

Inductive logical thinking (Scales cls)

Aon scales cls tests measure the ability to recognize the common rules in the provided patterns and then assign new images to the relevant patterns. There are 12 questions with a time limit of 12 minutes. Each contains 6 tables with letters, numbers, and colors. Your task is to identify the rules of the tables above and assign colors to the 4 additional tables below.

Source: Aon (Cut-e)

Answer: The colors (from left to right) are Gray, Green, Green, Gray.

Explanation: The pattern for the Gray color: There are 4 letters B in each Gray table.
The pattern for the Green color: The total of numbers in each Green table is more than or equal to 4.

Inductive logical thinking (Scales ix)

Aon scales ix tests measure the ability to identify the common rules in the given pattern and pick the item in a list of 9 that does not match that pattern. There are 20 questions with a time limit of 5 minutes.

Source: Aon (Cut-e)

Answer: The 7th circle

Inductive logical thinking (Scales clx)

Aon scales clx tests measure the ability to spot common patterns and interrelationships of a group of items, then choose options that logically match those patterns. You have 6 minutes to complete as many questions as you can. The rules always relate to the number of objects in a grid, not relating to the objects’ colors and shapes.

Source: Aon (Cut-e)

Answer: The two grids that have two columns of squares.


Other assessments

Gamified assessments 

Aon gamified assessments provide a more interesting experience for candidates while producing correct data and results. These gamified assessments have the same nature as traditional aptitude tests, but add some elements of gaming (achieving points or gaining badges).

Here’s an example of a gamified assessment from Aon. This is a deductive logical thinking question (switchChallenge). For more information, go up to the Deductive Logical Thinking (switchChallenge) section within this article.

Source: Aon (Cut-e)

Behavioral assessments

Aon’s work-related behavioral assessments assess the personality essential to consistent performance. These tests give employers a deep understanding of candidates in terms of characteristics and values, making sure whether candidates fit the company or not.

Aon behavioral assessments can evaluate how people can manage sensitive data and property. Also, they can help to find out candidates’ ethical behaviors, such as honesty, loyalty, commitment, and integrity. Or, these assessments can help employers understand candidates’ work-related interests and motives, like the example below:

Source: Aon (Cut-e)

Coding assessments 

As the demand for coding jobs has been increasing dramatically in recent years, Aon designs coding assessments that help companies find out talents with exceptional coding skills. With these tests, employers can assign coding challenges to candidates and observe their progress in real-time, thereby evaluating their abilities accurately.


Practice Aon assessments with MConsultingPrep

As you can see, Aon both types of tests: traditional and gamified assessments. No matter what form of test you’ll encounter, these assessments aim to measure specific cognitive abilities such as verbal reasoning skills, numerical reasoning skills, deductive reasoning skills, etc.

To facilitate your progress in practice, MConsultingPrep has produced a range of aptitude test simulations (Numerical, Verbal, Deductive, and Inductive). These quality materials can help you ace every numerical/verbal/deductive test from different test providers, including Aon (Cut-e).

Our test package gives you:

  • Step-by-step study guides that help you deeply understand each type of test;
  • Comprehensive answer guides that show you the exact approach to each answer;
  • Top-notch tips and techniques that help you achieve higher scores. 

You can have a look at our mock tests here to see how our tests work.



Frequently asked questions 

1. Are Aon and Cut-e one? 

The answer is yes. In 2017, Aon acquired Cut-e for better business efficiency and further reach. That’s why Aon assessments and Cut-e assessments are the same. However, it’s a higher chance that you encounter these assessments being mentioned as Cut-e assessments as customers get familiar with this brand name.

2. What is a MapTQ test? 

Aon (Cut-e) assessments are sometimes known as MapTQ tests. This name originates from the online hosting system where candidates take the tests.

3. What companies use Aon (Cut-e) assessments? 

Some companies use Aon assessments in their hiring process, including P&G, O2, Siemens, Deloitte, July’s Inn, ISS, Dell, UBS, Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, and Coca-cola.

4. Are calculators allowed in Aon (Cut-e) assessments? 

Calculators are allowed in some assessments. In case calculators are not allowed, you’ll be informed. Plus, a pen and papers are important when it comes to complex questions.

5. How are Aon (Cut-e) assessments scored?

In Aon assessments, points are given for correct answers and deducted for incorrect ones. That’s different from SHL assessments, where there are no penalties for wrong answers.

6. Can I take Aon (Cut-e) assessments on mobile devices?

Aon assessments are available on both computer desktops and smartphones. Candidates can choose one of two options at their convenience.

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