Group Case Interview – How to Succeed

How is it different from a normal case?

While most of the inquiries that we have received concern the individual case interview, there are also some questions regarding a less common kind of interview – the group case interview. This article is here to explain to you the fundamentals of group case interviews!

What is a group case interview?

A Group Case Interview is simply a combination of a group interview and a case interview. You will do the usual case interview with a group of other candidates instead of on your own.

Everyone can get offers

A group case interview is not a zero-sum game, everyone can win if you all perform well. This means that you should not feel like you are competing against other candidates. Just imagine, before entering the interview room, that it is your consulting team doing a project together. You guys are a team. Treat the others like your teammates.

Show your leadership skills wisely

It would be great if you could somehow demonstrate your leadership skills among these other competent candidates in group case interview. However, you should NOT step on other people to show yourself off. You can exude leadership just by doing basic things such as:

Proposing frameworks for the case interview analysis
Sharing constructive ideas
Asking clarifying questions to refine hypotheses in the case interview.

Be a good team player

A group interview is a good place for interviewers to see how you would work with future colleagues and clients. You may get into a situation where other people say something “stupid”, don’t get frustrated. Be respectful to your teammates. Instead, say “I have a different approach that…” or “You may want to check these numbers” to gently correct them without making them feel bad. Doing so would indicate that you are a supportive team player any consultant would be happy to work with.

When you hear something “smart”, what should you do? Be the first to spot it and urge the team to work with it. The interviewer will give you bonus points for your quick observance.

So, when you realize that your idea is wrong, should you ignore it? The answer is simply NO. Acknowledge your flaw and quickly turn back to the right track. This shows that you are a candidate who is flexible, unafraid to accept his flaws and is willing to work with the team to find the right solution. Interviewers would appreciate that!

Finally, don’t forget to dress smart, pay attention to your body language and language skills and you will be fine.

Hopefully, this article has helped you to become more psyched up for group case interviews!

Master case interview fundamentals

After all, group case interviews are still case interviews, so the fundamental principles and the tips and tricks will still apply – MECE, top-down analysis, structured communication, etc.

For detailed explanations and guidelines on case interviews, check out this “online guidebook” below! It’s a comprehensive guide I have crafted from my experience at McKinsey, for both case interview beginners and veterans – a must-read article on this website!