Macquarie Psychometric Assessment: Guides with Sample Tests

Macquarie is a global financial group providing clients with financial management and investment services. Each year, Macquarie receives thousands of applications for its vacant positions because the company offers a flexible working environment with good salaries. To get closer to the official offer from Macquarie, the first step for every candidate is the Macquarie Psychometric Tests.

This article will cover an overview of Macquarie Psychometric Tests, including its format, question types, and some practice recommendations.

What is Macquarie psychometric assessment?

Macquarie psychometric assessment is a series of aptitude tests often provided by Talent Q (Korn Ferry) and contains five tests: Numerical Reasoning Test, Verbal Reasoning Test, Logical Reasoning Test, Checking Test, and Personality Test. Most tests of the Macquarie psychometric assessment are timed tests (except for the Personality Test). Typically, one candidate would need to spend around 70-90 minutes finishing all the tests.


When does Macquarie psychometric assessment take place?

Macquarie psychometric tests are steps in Macquarie Group’s recruitment process, usually after the first stage - CV Screening (for Graduate candidates) or after the second stage - Initial Interviews (for other candidates). The recruiter will email you to instruct you on how to take the online assessment. You can take this test at home or any quiet place with stable internet connection.

Note: Macquarie does not pass or fail a candidate based on their performance in the Psychometric Assessment. The test results are recorded and sent to both the candidate and the recruiters. The hiring manager uses the insight from the test to identify the candidate's strengths, weaknesses, and working styles; therefore, they can evaluate the candidate’s suitability for the job.


Macquarie numerical reasoning test

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Macquarie numerical reasoning tests require test takers to interpret and select the data to calculate the necessary answer, then choose the (nearest) correct answer from the dropbox. This way, the test can measure the ability to analyze and make accurate conclusions from numerical data.

Data interpretation is the primary type of question in the Macquarie Numerical Reasoning Test. Four tables present numerical data (3 questions/ table): 90 seconds for the first question on each table/ series of tables and 75 seconds for two subsequent ones.

Now, let’s take a look at these two examples of Data Interpretation in Macquaríe Numerical Test:

Source: Talent Q - Korn Ferry

Answer: £22

This corresponds to 7 hours (the excess over the free hours) times £6.00, plus the monthly charge of £15, so a total of £57 for a basic contract; against the monthly payment of £35 only for a premium contract; so there is a difference of £22.

Source: Talent Q - Korn Ferry

Answer: South-East

We will calculate the total sales of each region for Platinum, Executive, and Premium TV Packages

  • North: 4630 + 3765 + 6100 = 14495
  • North-East: 8965 + 8600 + 3765 = 21330
  • East: 6725 + 6000 + 5450 = 18175
  • South-East: 8700 + 6120 + 6760 = 21580
  • South: 6800 + 8760 + 4900 = 20460
  • South-West: 3775 + 6265 + 5070 = 15110
  • West: 8600 + 8965 + 6125 = 23690

We can see that the second highest region is the South-East.

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Macquarie verbal reasoning test

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Macquarie verbal reasoning test is used to evaluate candidates' reading comprehension ability, including reading for main ideas, specific details, making inferences, etc. From this, the recruiters could predict their future performance in tasks that require understanding a written document.

The test contains 15 questions under a time limit of 16 minutes. There are 5 passages (3 questions/passage): 75 seconds for the first question on each passage and 60 seconds for subsequent ones.

Here is an example of a passage with average length: 

Source: Talent Q - Korn Ferry

Which one of the following does the passage suggest about e-readers?

A. They are popular with self-published authors

B. Their price has reduced recently

C. They overtake printed books

D. They allow quality control over e-books

E. Early models had black and white displays

F. They allow self-published authors more control over their work

Answer: B. Their price has reduced recently

In the passage, it mentioned that “...a new generation of e-book readers, offering improved displays at lower prices…”. → The price of a new generation of e-book readers has been lowered.

Source: Talent Q - Korn Ferry

Which one of the following statements applies to self-publishing firms?

A. They give authors little creative control over their work

B. They provide a full publishing service

C. They publish books of an inferior quality

D. They charge fees.

E. They pay authors a royalty

F. They rarely sell large quantities of books

Answer: D. They charge fees.

It is stated in the passage that “...self-publishing firms who charge high fees and may promise, but not deliver, a full publishing service.” ⇒ Self-publishing firms charge fees.

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Macquarie logical reasoning test

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Macquarie logical reasoning test contains a series of abstract reasoning questions (inductive reasoning questions). It aims to evaluate candidates’ ability to solve complex and unfamiliar problems and think conceptually. The test includes 12 questions under 23 minutes (75 seconds for one question).

Let’s look at some examples of the Macquarie inductive reasoning test.

Source: Talent Q - Korn Ferry

Answer: The third one to the left on the first line.


Elements: There is one element: arrow.
Rules: The element follows two rules: movement and alternation.

1. In columns, each figure moves down by one stage.
2. In the figure of two couples of symmetrical arrows, the direction of each couple changes and alternates through each column.

Then alternating back from the third column, we have the correct answer following the above rules.


Macquarie checking test

Macquarie checking test uses the format of the Korn Ferry test. The test contains 8 questions under a time limit of 8 minutes (the time limit for 1 question is 50-60 seconds). It measures the ability to compare information in two tables and confirm whether the information on the left-hand and right-hand tables is the same.

Here is an example of a checking question in the Macquarie test.

Source: Talent Q - Korn Ferry

Answer: Yes – Yes – No – Yes – No – No 


Macquarie personality test

Macquarie personality test aims to evaluate a candidate’s workplace behavioral style and preferences, including the specific aspects of personality, predict work performance, task management, and workplace relationships, etc.

The test goes with a series of statements, and you will have to determine how credible the information is true or false. You may observe many statements with similar meanings because the test checks for consistency in your answer. Therefore, the best advice for you is, to be honest - answer with what is closest to your personality, not what is expected from you.

Here are some example statements you could encounter in the Macquarie Personality Test:
1. I customize the presented information to the audience's needs.
2. I usually find my way around if I have been in a similar situation.
3. I like to plan tasks in advance.
4. My work results are always documented to be reused without a problem. 


Practice Macquarie psychometric test with MConsultingPrep

In MConsultingPrep, we offer you an aptitude test package to help you ace the Macquarie numerical and verbal reasoning test.

Our package includes 500+ numerical and 300+ verbal reasoning questions, along with a detailed guide and explanations for each question type to help you understand the step-by-step strategy to get the highest scores for your upcoming test.

Here are some sneak peeks at our test package for numerical and verbal tests

Source: MConsultingPrep

Source: MConsultingPrep

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Notices while taking test

1. Is my score subtracted if I choose the wrong answer?

No. You won’t receive a negative mark or subtraction score for selecting the incorrect answer. You should try to answer all the questions and make educated guesses if unsure.

2. Can I redo a question after I have skipped it?

No. You can’t go back to redo a question once you submit your response or the time is up. It is essential to answer every question accurately and within the time limit.

3. Can I use a calculator during the test?

Yes, you can. You should bring a pen, some pieces of paper and a calculator to take notes while doing the test. 

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