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Yesterday I got an interesting question which many of you may be also wondering. Here is the original question:

Hi Team, Your PST materials are great. Do you have any practical tips for BCG test (I know there are only 4 sample Qs available, but in any case). Thanks.

For the most part, the BCG Potential Test (or BCG Online Test, BCG Reasoning Test) is a different version of the McKinsey Problem Solving Test. They serve the same purpose, test the same skills, and are offered by the top two firms in the same industry.

Here is a comprehensive list of facts about the BCG Potential Test that you may find helpful. These facts come from various research and field reports.

BCG offers a short sample test. Make sure you give it a try before taking the real one. We also offer a sample practice test for it.
After studying that sample test by BCG, I realized that all of the 4 questions offered are very similar to the Reading Facts type of questions in the McKinsey PST. We offer preparation materials for those Reading Facts at an amazing level of detail. Make sure you go through them carefully for the most informed approach.
The BCG Potential Test is also a heavy math-oriented exam. You can find many free practice materials and techniques in our Consulting Math section.
Similar to the McKinsey PST, time is a big factor. Most questions are not too hard, but you are expected to go through them relatively fast. You will have 1 – 2 minutes for each question. There will be a heavy volume of reading to process, so the ability to skim and save time on math calculations will help a lot.
Because BCG is still in the process of piloting the test, the exact test format, the number of questions and time allowance can be different among different offices. Some people had ~50 questions in 50 minutes while others had ~25 in 40 minutes to do.

Lastly, you can tell that the BCG Potential Test is very similar to the McKinsey PST. We dedicated a free version of McKinsey PST preparation materials at an amazing level of detail here on this website. If you are a candidate that would do everything possible to maximize your chances, we highly recommend you to go through our McKinsey Problem Solving Test preparation guide.

Besides PST, Case Interview is also an important part of the management consulting recruitment process. To know more what’s in Case Interview End-To-End Secret Program – a MConsultingPrep exclusive training package – for Case Interview candidates, click here.

Check out our brand new practice tests for BCG POTENTIAL TEST!

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