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When people talk about case interview, we immediately think of management consulting. So it’s always interesting to see companies from other industries using case interviews  and how it works. One of the most famous companies out there is Capital One! Recently, I have been getting questions about Capital One case interview more and more from people with various backgrounds and goals, so why don’t we tackle this interesting topic together. I will divide this article into 2 main parts for two main types of readers.

Type 1 are those studying for case interviews intensively to apply to consulting firms. Capital One is an add-on option.

Type 2 are those who know nothing about case interviews and have little interest in management consulting firms. They just happen to run into case interviews on their path to Capital One.

1. Case-savvy people with Capital One as an add-on option.

If you belong to this group, I am quite sure your biggest question would be how Capital One case interview questions differ from regular cases offered by consulting firms (such as McKinsey Case Interview).

Well, I have never had an interview with Capital One before but I have done quite a lot of research on this. As it turns out, it comes down to 2 major differences:

(a): Capital One case interview questions are very math-intensive. You are often required to do some mental math about profitability, break-even points and show how you understand the content. So you would want to double your preparation in the math aspect of case interviews (out of the three aspects described here).

(b): Capital One cases are surprisingly non-MECE. Perhaps because they are not a consulting firm, structure and MECE are not as important. When I watched their tutorial video, I couldn’t help but see a lot of obvious non-MECE holes in their illustrative cases.

So, does that mean we can take a break and not worry about structure and MECE? Well, it probably doesn’t hurt to be a little non-MECE in Capital One cases but it certainly doesn’t help. My advice for you is to ignore this difference and still pretend like you are interviewing with a highly structural-minded firm. Structure will become your habit and you will do fine in every case regardless of which firm you apply to.

However, overall, the methodology to perform your best in consulting case can be applied for capital one’s case interview.

2. Case newbies with Capital One as their primary option.

Chances are, you don’t have a lot of time and the topic of case interview is too big. So, my advice here is to apply the 80-20 principle, learn the most time-effective principles of case interviews, just enough to do well. Spend the time that you saved on math.

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