Master the Case Interview with

The comprehensive guide to self-study and practice case interview

A balanced approach to master Case Interview is broken down into 3 blocks

Tips & Techniques

Learn from 10 mock case interview videos from non-perfect to perfect versions with demonstrative illustration. Follow the entire process with the aid of graphics, transcripts and learn from a rigorous feedback portfolio of 100+ mistakes!

Business Intuition

Make thinking strategically your second nature. Crunch through 6 comprehensive modules, each of which tackles one unique aspect of case interview such as Value Proposition, Data Chart Comprehension and Issue Tree, etc. Bring your business intuition to the next level and ace every case interview!

Quantitative Capability

Thousands of practice math questions specially tailored to Case Interview calculations. Never again get frozen by a complicated word problem nor get any crucial calculations wrong.

Case Interview Tips and Techniques

  • 10 mock case interviews covering 6 case studies.
  • 100+ feedback and best practices.
  • All in video format with intuitive and illustrative graphics.
  • PDF summary of common feedback and video transcripts

Business Intuition

  • 10 in-depth exercises for each of the topics: Chart Insights, Frameworks, Market-sizing & Guesstimate, Solution Finding and Value Proposition.
  • 200+ Brain Teasers classified by Types.
  • Detailed answers and explanations for every question.
  • All in PDF format.

Quantitative Capability

  • 1000 raw consulting math calculations
  • 300 short context questions
  • 50 full context cases
  • 30 chart-based cases
  • All in PDF format

Business Intuition


  • 50 case interview questions
  • 6 most popular question types
  • Answers keys & explanations
  • All in PDF format
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Tips & Techniques


  • 10 case interview simulation video
  • 100+ feedbacks and best practices
  • Easy-to-follow visual illustrations
  • Printable transcripts + exhibits
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Comprehensive Math Drills


  • 300 short math questions
  • 38 quantitative cases
  • 20 chart drills
  • 1000 calculation questions
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Case Interview End-to-end Secret Program
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Case Interview Intuition

Case Interview Tips & Techniques

Comprehensive Math Drills

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